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What are Catholics To Do? Here are the Top 5 Places for Voluntary Exile

Over the past few years, Catholics have seen a non-stop assault on traditional values. With the reversal of DOMA by the Supreme Court, the aggressively anti-Catholic liberal agenda will only become stronger. As Christians, it is our duty to bear witness and to stand up for our beliefs, but what if things get really bad–like [...]

Take the Quiz: What’s your Catholic I.Q.?

  Do you have what it takes? The following 10 questions aren’t hard, but they will test your knowledge of all things Catholic – from Church history to vital current issues that impact your practice of the Faith. Okay fine, not really.  These are just questions that occurred to me on Sunday during the homily.  [...]

Friday Papist Meme

Had a little time on my hands this morning! Photo credit: Vatican Radio – English

Funny Because It’s True

Jim Gaffigan tells jokes for a living and, lucky for him, he’s really good at it. (See the embedded video at the bottom of this post.) He’s also Catholic and has five kids, which led Michelle Boorstein of the Washington Post to ask, “Is comic Jim Gaffigan the Catholic Church’s newest evangelizer?” (h/t New Advent): [...]

Want to Travel in Time? Go To Mass!

If you’re like me, fans of the Doctor Who series on the BBC have been filling your Facebook timeline with speculation about who will be the next eponymous “Doctor” in the series. If you’re like me, you also have no clue why this should matter, because you have never seen the show. Apparently the show [...]

What Does Carlsberg Beer and a Cardinal Have in Common?

This has already been a week of rough news. Scandals in Washington. Tragedy in Oklahoma (please join CatholicVote in responding). So how about something completely different? Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, the Archbishop of Vienna, is now on Twitter, and he’s taking your questions. Someone asked him recently, “after a hard day as the cardinal, what kind [...]


Disclaimer:  All of the angels and saints quoted below agreed to be interviewed only on the condition of anonymity.  We have honored that request.  To the extent they reveal their own identity by what they say, we consider that not our problem. Wow, talk about a rough week for the president. First, the whole Benghazi cover-up is [...]

Andrea Mitchell: Christopher Stevens Was A Republican Out To Embarrass Hillary Clinton

In a stunning development, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell has revealed that former ambassador to Libya, the late Christopher Stevens, was a Republican, and had a personal vendetta against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so deep he was willing to die to embarrass her. In two separate reports on NBC, Mitchell reported that “Republicans are taking [...]

Video: Pope Francis Meets a Screaming Baby

Not everyone is excited to meet the pope — as this video reveals (wait for it at the end): Pope Francis took it all in good humor, of course. I wonder how many parents are muttering, after seeing this video, “Yep, that would be my kid.” O:-) And how long before someone GIF’s this:



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