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English Translation of Final Synod Report

  Bishop Michael G. Campbell from the Diocese of Lancaster in England has provided an English language translation of the 2015 Synod of Bishops’Relatio Finalis (or, ‘Final Report). Papal biographer and Church historian, Austen Ivereigh, who is fluent in both English and Italian, the language in which the report was composed, calls Bishop Campbell’s translation […]

Dear Spouses: What if Natural Family Planning Didn’t Exist?

There’s been a lot of blog-splaining lately about just how difficult Natural Family Planning can be, particularly for those facing economic challenges. I thought I’d be Captain Obvious and point out something. Natural Family Planning (NFP) has been around only for mere decades. If you group NFP alongside its predecessor “calendar rhythm,” you get closer […]

AFP on 3-Woman Marriage: News as Propaganda

Fisking is a now-rarer art from the early days of blogging, kept nobly alive as by Father John Zuhlsdorf whose blog “What Does the Prayer Really Say” helps us see what everything really says. But when I read a story from Agence-France Presse news agency about the debut of court-sanctioned polyamory, I couldn’t resist using […]

Do Women Need the Church?

“The one solace…women have is the Church.” How often do we hear this claim?  The Church, we’re told, is behind the times, patriarchal, out of touch with the real lived experience of women, and offers them only a life of drudgery and eternal pregnancy.  The Church, we’re assured, is not a place of solace for […]

History Repeats in USA, But Evil Will Never Triumph

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. King Solomon “Today’s families face challenges that previous generations did not face.” We recite that cliché in somber tones, as if we were saying something profound. But King Solomon was right. There is nothing […]

Man & Woman: Designed to Need Each Other

John White wrote an article for CatholicVote a few days ago about a pastoral letter to men from Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix. Bishop Olmsted called this pastoral letter “Into the Breach.” I want to thank the bishop for writing a letter that calls men to be men, but does it without attacking women. That alone […]

Synod’s Final Report Already Written By Bon Jovi

ROME — During a press conference this morning, the Secretary General of the Synod on the Family, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldiserri, along with Archbishop Bruno Forte, confirmed rumors that the Relatio Synodi, or the final document of the synod, has already been written. “We have decided to bypass the traditional rules governing the order in which […]

The President’s Plot to Exploit the Pope

  This is what the millennials might call “beyond beyond.” This is beyond President Obama’s typical Chicago-style politics.  This is beyond the more vile tenets of the Alinsky catechism.  Hell, this is beyond the bozo Soviet nonsense that John Paul II had to put up with. No, what we have here is special.  We haven’t […]



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