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Meet Football-Star Seminarian Jordan Roberts

Read the USA Today story about a Catholic seminarian and you think you’re reading the National Catholic Register: Sundays are sacred at the St. John Vianney Seminary, a plain five-story red-brick building across a grassy quad from the main chapel at the University of St. Thomas. It is the only day Jordan Roberts and 133 […]

VIDEO: Colbert Invites Maher Back to Church

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, CBS posted this video from The Late Show in which host Stephen Colbert invites guest Bill Maher to return to the Church. Who got the better of the exchange? Watch above or read a rough transcript here: Maher: “I probably woulddn’t be invited to your dinner party, because we’re very opposite Colbert: […]

Twitter Prays for Paris

It is easy to criticize social media, but it is at times of tragedy that social media shows people at their best. It also shows that human beings cannot help but turn to God amid tragedy. Here are some examples of Twitter praying for Paris. Give it a moment to load if need be. Tweet […]

AFP on 3-Woman Marriage: News as Propaganda

Fisking is a now-rarer art from the early days of blogging, kept nobly alive as by Father John Zuhlsdorf whose blog “What Does the Prayer Really Say” helps us see what everything really says. But when I read a story from Agence-France Presse news agency about the debut of court-sanctioned polyamory, I couldn’t resist using […]

Roma Downey Wants Us All to Remember the Lonely at Christmastime

From the email inbox, a message from Irish actress/producer Roma Downey: Hello: I found this online and I was moved by it. I think it’s good to be reminded of how lonely the holidays can be for some people. This little 2 min video encourages us to reach out lovingly to include those around us this […]

Casting Films and Other Ways to Love Your Neighbor

This past weekend I spent nearly 17 hours over two days going through headshot after headshot, reel after reel, in an attempt to cut 6000 applicants down to a mere 100 for coming auditions. The monotony was stultifying, but I bothered doing the work because, as someone who drafted the story for the film in […]



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