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5 Takeaways From Variety’s Faith & Family Summit

Last Thursday, July 25, I attended the fourth edition of Variety magazine’s Purpose: Family Entertainment & Faith-Based Summit, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. I’ve done a couple of extensive posts on it over at my Pax Culturati blog at the Patheos Catholic Channel, which include an interview with Nebraska-raised Christian […]


I have been here before. The last weekend of June, 2015 was for pro-family advocates across the nation what Columbus Day Weekend, 2008 was for me. That was the weekend our State Supreme Court imposed same-sex marriage on Connecticut, despite Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) having defeated it every year at the state Capitol and […]

‘The Briefcase': Catholic and Trans Couples Face Decisions

Tonight is the season finale of CBS’ reality show “The Briefcase,” which pairs two families in financial difficulty, gives each one a briefcase containing $101,000 — but neither family knows at first that there’s another family involved — and then the families must decide whether to keep all of the money or give all or […]

Catholic Brian Williams — It’s Not Fair to Forgive And Also Forget

Journalism is in trouble on all fronts these days. Trust in reporters — TV, online and print — is eroding; there are mass layoffs across the industry; charges of bias fly from every corner; and the relentless pressure of the 24-hour news cycle, plus social media, is steadily shredding what safeguards remain to prevent errors […]

This Is Not ‘The Encyclical’ You Were Looking For (But It’s Funny)

Courtesy of Observatório do Clima, a nonprofit based in Brazil, that advocates for action on climate change. Pope Francis’ real encyclical on the environment is released worldwide on June 18, and as with most things, it probably won’t live up to the hype of the trailer (or the hype, in general). But, enjoy: Image: YouTube screenshot […]

Three More Shows Catholics Should Be Watching

In a previous post, we looked at scripted shows geared to an adult audience. Now, it’s on to reality, which has, by default, often become today’s family viewing. The three scripted shows I recommended that Catholics watch were The CW’s “The Flash,” Netflix’s “Marvel’s Daredevil” and HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” They’re not to everybody’s taste, but I considered them […]

Hollywood-Based Priest on What $1M Can Do

Father David Guffey sat down with me after giving a talk on the media to a roomful of people at this past winter’s Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, California. Guffey, who belongs to the Congregation of Holy Cross, splits his time between the celebrity-packed St. Monica Church in Santa Monica, and Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, […]

‘The Gipper’ Lives: Football Comes to the Reagan Library

Sunday is for Mass, and for brunch, but it’s also for football (along with Saturdays, Friday nights and the odd Thursday). From the “Hail Mary pass” to the “Immaculate Reception,” from Notre Dame to the New Orleans Saints, from daily Mass-going Coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers to weekly Mass-going  Coach Nick Saban […]



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