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Whither Trump?

One of the most interesting and talked about questions in the early part of the 2016 presidential race has been: what will happen with Donald Trump?  Much of the Republican establishment clearly does not want him to be the nominee, yet he is currently the front runner, according to the polls.  Of course, history teaches […]

Could America Survive Without Religion?

Could America survive without religion?  This is the question posed by Catholic philosopher and lawyer Robert George at Public Discourse. That this question can even be posed is a measure of how greatly our culture has changed.  As George points out, the leading American founders took it for granted that political institutions like America’s–that is, […]

Terror in Paris, Confusion in Washington

President Obama’s statements about politics–and especially about foreign policy–often leave me with the sense that he has an unrealistic, utopian view of the world.  This sense was reinforced by his statement on the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday.  This is from the opening paragraph of the president’s remarks: Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous […]

Ben Carson and the Constitution

A few weeks ago, presidential candidate Ben Carson provoked a bit of a firestorm by declaring that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”  This remark caused a good deal of criticism of Carson, including a particularly strong criticism that the remark itself disqualifies him to be president. […]

All Souls: A Personal Prayer for Departed Artists

Yesterday, Nov. 1, actor and United States Senator Fred Thompson passed away from lymphoma at the age of 73. I had the inestimable pleasure of sitting next to him during a press luncheon several years ago. It was an election year, and one of the publicists told me it was because she knew that Thompson and I were simpatico, […]

So How Exactly Does The Polling Work?

Donald Trump is now neck and neck with Dr Ben Carson in polling data. Despite this, Mr Trump’s numbers have not fallen all that much. How has this happened? It’s simple, really. It’s also what usually happens in political races with lots of candidates. First, candidates drop out. That has been occurring in the Republican […]

Biden’s Bad Idea

Today, in a Rose Garden speech, Joe Biden announced that he would not be running for president.  He also, however, announced his determination to be a kind of public voice of the Democratic Party during his remaining months in public office.  Since he worked in a reasonably clear criticism of Hillary Clinton–saying pointedly that Democrats […]

Joe Biden Should Run For President and Defend the Pro-Life Cause

Joe Biden should run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency and defend the pro-life cause.  This strange and seemingly unlikely idea came to me after I read an account of a recent interview in which Vice President Biden admitted that, as a Catholic, he accepts as a matter of faith that life begins at […]



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