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Cuomo says pro-lifers not welcome in New York, Jindal invites them to Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal (pictured on the right) is letting pro-life New Yorkers know that they will feel right at home in his state of Louisiana. “Hey displaced and persecuted New Yorkers… You can find refuge, loving people, and great food in Louisiana,” Gov. Jindal said on his Facebook wall. Jindal’s offer comes in response to [...]

The Obligatory Christie Post

The firestorm threatening to engulf Chris Christie reminds us that, as important as principles and positions are, basic competence and attention to the common good matter too. As they should! Actions speak loudest, not words. Whatever Christie’s involvement in or knowledge of the bridge closure scandal, his aides have revealed themselves to be mendacious bullies [...]

Pew Releases Poll on Catholic Attitudes Toward End of Life Issues

Last month the Pew Research Center conducted an interesting survey on attitudes toward end-of-life medical treatments. It found that 49 percent of Americans oppose physician assisted suicide while 47 percent were in favor. Long term opinion trends on the issue of physician assisted suicide are interesting. Last spring, Gallup surveyed Americans on the moral acceptability [...]

Catholics, Liberal and Conservative

I definitely do agree with most of what Emily says in her post–”Two Words Catholics Need to Stop Using . . . Like Now.”  And I definitely do not want to get into a game of “bait the redhead.”  Nevertheless, I am hesitant to swear off all use of the words “conservative” and “liberal” as [...]

A 12 Days of Christmas Year in Review

What’s the best answer to Christmas sentimentality? The Christmas season liturgy. In the days that follow Christmas, the Church brings us the slaughter of innocents, the first martyr, and more. Christmas isn’t just sugarplum fairies and Santa Claus after all. It is good that the Church does this, because if you compare each day from [...]

A Modest Balanced Budget Proposal

Conservatives should not waste their time or energy promoting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  It is too hard to accomplish.  The amendment process requires supermajorities of both houses of Congress and a supermajority of states.  Besides, it is not clear that it is a good idea.  The founders included in the Constitution a [...]

Thanksgiving, the Founding, and the First Amendment

The First Amendment to the Constitution requires a strict separation of church and state–so say, at any rate, contemporary American liberals.  And we can’t just ignore them, because they have the contemporary Supreme Court on their side.  The Court’s institutional power, however, does not necessarily guarantee that its interpretation of the Constitution will be correct.  [...]



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