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Five Questions with Colleen Carroll Campbell

EDITOR’S NOTE: CV is happy to include a new entry in our “Five Questions” series. This interview features author, columnist, television host and former presidential speechwriter Colleen Carroll Campbell, who spoke with CV’s Stephen Kokx about her new book My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir. We hope you find this a helpful addition to our [...]

Something is wrong when a dictator gets more praise than a pope

Jesse Jackson secured his induction into the liberal hall of fame last week when he told attendees at Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’s funeral that Chavez “fed the hungry, lifted the poor, raised their hopes and helped them realize their dreams.” Jackson’s speech, however, wasn’t the only sign of American support at the funeral of a man deceased [...]

So You Want to be Pope? Here’s How

The Chair of St. Peter is empty. And the period of sede vacante has begun. Now we wait for the College of Cardinals to select the 266th successor of St. Peter.  While the papal conclave won’t begin until sometime between March 9 and 11, Cardinal Angelo Sodano just announced that the College of Cardinals will [...]

There Is No Pope

There is no pope. There is no pope. There is no pope. The phrase didn’t occur to me as the bell of St. Benedict’s Abbey  tolled over and over again for 10 minutes starting at 1:00 pm (8:00 pm in Rome) to mark the resignation of the Pope. The phrase occurred to me when the [...]

Benedict’s book is perfect for Lent

The chair of Saint Peter is now vacant. And now we call him His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus. Benedict XVI has been a faithful shepherd of the Church for the past eight years. In his own humble way, he has carried on the much-needed work of faithfully defining and implementing the often misunderstood teachings of [...]

What Barack Could Learn from Benedict

There is an ancient Jewish proverb that, “The world is a staircase; some are going up and some are coming down.” This is especially true of men entrusted with great power. In the case of President Obama and soon-to-be Pope Emeritus Benedict, the contrast of the two men’s fortunes is especially instructive. Whereas the latter [...]

It’s been ~eight years that would fill a lifetime. Where were you when it started?

The legacy of Benedict XVI will grow out of his episcopal appointments and the resignations he accepted with all speed. From his incredibly deep but eminently accessible encyclicals that helped us understand that God is love, and He saves us in hope. In the great liturgical revolution that will take place quietly and unstoppably because [...]

Benedict’s Last Papal Audience: What is the Church?

Pope Benedict gave his last Audience today. As you can see, Piazza San Pietro was packed. In his address, he gave a quick discussion about the nature of the Church when he described the response to his resignation. At this point I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all the many people throughout the [...]



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