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Laudato Si and Humanae Vitae

Some commentators have suggested that there is a tension or contradiction between the position Pope Francis takes in Laudato Si, on the one hand, and the Church’s traditional teaching against the use of artificial contraception, on the other.  After all, the pope is concerned to protect the environment.  But, say the critics, overpopulation stresses the […]

Pope States Traditional Catholic Teaching, Makes Headlines

Pope Francis has a reputation for sometimes saying surprising things.  In some cases, however, the surprise arises not because he said something unusual, but because the people reacting to him did not know that much about Catholicism in the first place.  Here is the latest example. The Pope got a headline with Yahoo News–“Pope Says […]

Pope Francis on the Biblical Basis of Respect for Nature

Sometimes certain environmentalists criticize the Bible as the root of disregard for and disrespect for nature.  They think that modern, western nations have shown a remarkable desire (and ability) to master and control nature, and they note that modern, western nations were shaped by the Bible.  And they note that the Bible expressly tells human […]

An Unfair and Revealing Attack on the Pope’s Encyclical

The National Post has a rather unfair and somewhat revealing attack on the pope’s encyclical by a writer named Colby Cosh. Not all of the criticisms are unfair.  For example, Cosh notes the pope’s complaint that in some places there is a tendency to “privatize” drinking water, “despite its scarcity . . . turning it […]

Keeping Track of Truths: Why Catechism Doesn’t Equal ‘Magisterium’

Mistaking Catechism for Magisterium Have you read Pope Francis’ new encyclical, “Laudato Si”? As a product of the papal magisterium, are we Catholics obligated out of obedience to agree with every opinion, assertion, or conclusion contained in the encyclical? I think most Catholics know that, regarding non-doctrinal content, the answer is clearly no. In the wake […]

Being Frank: A Postmodern Pope for an Angsty Age

Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses it will save it. (Lk. 17: 33) Pope Francis’s long-awaited encyclical, Laudato Si, stands as a postmodern call to action, a challenge to prevailing opinions. Binaries are broken and easy solutions tossed away, and while the document references political ideas, it is not […]

10 Ways You Can Totally Rock ‘Laudato Si’ (even if you’re not the ‘green’ type)

If nonstop media coverage didn’t tip you off to the fact that Pope Francis released an encyclical entitled ‘Laudato Si’…..well….now you know. The frenzy indicates nothing short of a Right v. Left Pope Francis tug-of-war. For those who don’t see themselves as the ‘green’ type, this encyclical can be a bit overwhelming. But regardless of your views […]



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