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Little Sister of the Poor: ‘His Gaze Was Like Jesus …’

In my day job, I work at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. One of my former journalism students is pictured above (at far left) with Pope Francis. I was so moved by talking with her, I decided to share here what we are sharing on the college website and the Gregorian Institute website … Benedictine […]

Connecting the Dots with Pope Francis

During his all too brief tour of the United States over the last several days, Pope Francis gave multiple speeches each day covering a wide range of topics, but with several recurring themes. He spoke often of entering into dialogue with different viewpoints, ideologies, and religions–many of which are in direct opposition and some of […]

Pope Francis Visits 9/11 Memorial

I don’t like writing about man-made mass atrocity. Every time I do, I access memories and emotions of the Oklahoma City bombing. Pope Francis stood at the monument for the Twin Towers. He spoke with and touched the families of those who died there. We, the grieving American people, have built a beautiful memorial on […]

No, U.S. News, Francis Did Not Echo Obama

Gary Emerling at U.S. News & World Report thinks he spotted something. “Toward the beginning of his address,” to the U.S. Congress Sept. 24 “Francis alluded to religious extremism, noting that ‘no religion is immune from it’.” The Pope Francis Quote: “Our world is increasingly a place of violent conflict, hatred and brutal atrocities, committed even in […]

Catholics Encouraged by Unifying Papal Address to Congress

Catholic voters are proud to call themselves Catholic after today’s address by the Holy Father to Congress. The humble voice of the Pope called on our political leaders to rediscover a spirit of solidarity in addressing issues of the family, life, the environment, and immigration. This was not a political speech, but a call to […]

In Surprise Move, Pope Francis Meets with Little Sisters of the Poor

  At the first canonization mass to be celebrated on US soil, Pope Francis called the Church “to go forth to offer everyone the life of Jesus Christ.” He said that “The People of God can embrace everyone because we are the disciples of the One who knelt before his own to wash their feet.” […]

If Pope Francis Could See Oklahoma…

I wish Pope Francis could see Oklahoma … and Colorado … and Big Bend. I wish he had time to take a road trip along the long stretches of lonely road that crisscross this country. I wish he could meet the good people who are the real America. As he noted in his address at […]

Pope Francis’s Remarks at the White House

Today Pope Francis arrived in the United States.  Three things stood out to me in his remarks at the White House. First, the pope said that in his address to the Congress (tomorrow) he would call upon its members “to guide the nation’s political future in fidelity to its founding principles.”  Unlike, say, Bernie Sanders, […]

Pope Francis Gives Bishops 10 Lessons on Leadership

Pope Francis spoke to 300 U.S. bishops today, Sept. 23, at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C. he took the occasion to give them lessons in leadership. 1. Trust your managers. The first lesson was by example: He showed the bishops he trusted them. “It is not my intention to offer a plan or to […]



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