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A Family Resemblance

  I recently came across a beautiful story about the papal visit from the San Francisco Chronicle. The piece is a stark reminder of power of unconditional love and the message of mercy. Nothing is more compelling–nothing is more true–than the unconditional love of the Father. The story picks up with the pope meeting AIDS patients during a visit to a local church: […]

Why is Pope Francis Coming to Philadelphia?

He’s coming for the World Meeting of Families. He’s coming to canonize a saint, Junipero Serra. He’s coming to address the United Nations. He’s coming to speak to the American Congress. But most of all, he’s coming because a shepherd needs to be with his sheep. And you don’t take my word for it.  

Coming to America

Pope Francis has never visited the United States until now, and unfortunately, his journey will be far too short to even begin to comprehend the vastness and immensity of this country. Even so, in the brief time that he is here, there is much he can learn firsthand about the fourth largest Catholic population–and the […]

The President’s Plot to Exploit the Pope

  This is what the millennials might call “beyond beyond.” This is beyond President Obama’s typical Chicago-style politics.  This is beyond the more vile tenets of the Alinsky catechism.  Hell, this is beyond the bozo Soviet nonsense that John Paul II had to put up with. No, what we have here is special.  We haven’t […]

Philly is SOLD OUT for Jim Gaffigan Show–Even Pope Francis will be there!

Ok, so maybe Gaffigan isn’t the main attraction. Or Mark Wahlberg, Aretha Franklin, or Andrea Bocelli. The Catholic comedian explained to Conan O’Brien last night how he got booked to perform stand-up before a million or so pilgrims and one Roman Pontiff (brief language warning–someone uses the A-word): Kidding aside, there’s something noteworthy here. While […]

A Pope Is Coming. Expect Surprises

Papal visits follow a fairly predictable arc — they are predictably unpredictable. Remember Pope John Paul II’s first World Youth Day in America, in Denver? Church officials were told a cold, hostile America would give him a tepid welcome. When he got he was overwhelmed with the good will of the huge crowds. Remember John […]

Papal Visit 2015: Where Do You Stand on the Chair?

Where do you stand on the chair? James Thomas More Griffin, at his blog and on his Facebook page, posted a picture that went viral: It showed two popes’ chairs. One was built for Pope John Paul II’s visit to New York by a master carver. The other is a plain oak chair built for […]

Entrepreneurs of Grace : How A Bracelet Business Encourages Prayer

Pope Francis is coming to visit us at the end of this month.  While exploring the website of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia – the event that originally occasioned his visit—I  “clicked” on the “shop” tab out of curiosity about what kind of merchandise I would find. Among the t-shirts, rosaries and commemorative […]

Mercy Enough to Go Around

Pope Francis issued a letter this morning that has caused quite a stir in the media. (It’s not long; go ahead and read it.) In the letter, the Holy Father said that, as part of the Jubilee of Mercy, all priests would be given “discretion to absolve of the sin of abortion those who have procured it.” The […]



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