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Pope Francis Appoints Father Robert Barron Auxiliary Bishop for Los Angeles

It’s a big day in Hollywood, as one of the Church’s top media personalities comes to the media hub of the world. From my Pax Culturati blog at Patheos: It’s such an obviously awesome and appropriate move that one can hardly believe that the Vatican actually did it. Father Robert Barron, founder of the Word […]

Who Is Francis? South America Edition

When I shared my favorite Pope Francis quotes from his South America trip, I had to leave off a few. That’s a shame: They were precisely the ones that might give comfort to those Americans who feel a little sketchy about Pope Francis right now. Pope Francis is at a strange point in his popularity […]

A Sort of Homecoming: Top 10 Pope Francis Quotes From South America

From July 7-13, Pope Francis visited South America: Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. Here are my personal 10 favorite quotes from the trip; words that show his Gospel-centered faith and pastor’s sensibility. (To read the whole thing, find each event here.) 1. Impromptu: ‘I hold you all in my heart …’ “Now I will celebrate Mass, and I […]

‘You Know You’re a Catholic If …’ Summer 2015 Edition

Dr. Edward Mulholland at the Gregorian Institute helped me compile this list of ways you can tell you are Catholic in these tumultuous times. You know you are a Catholic in the summer of 2015 if … 10. You recently started using the term “matrimony” instead of “marriage.”   9. You have friends who just changed […]

Papal Apartments: 3 Popes’ Humble Homes

The Pope’s visit to his native South America got me thinking. I suppose it is as much a commentary on the difference between the American Dream and European expectations as anything else, but you can’t help but notice that the last three popes come from very humble beginnings. Next time someone complains about the wealth […]

Laudato Si and Humanae Vitae

Some commentators have suggested that there is a tension or contradiction between the position Pope Francis takes in Laudato Si, on the one hand, and the Church’s traditional teaching against the use of artificial contraception, on the other.  After all, the pope is concerned to protect the environment.  But, say the critics, overpopulation stresses the […]

Pope States Traditional Catholic Teaching, Makes Headlines

Pope Francis has a reputation for sometimes saying surprising things.  In some cases, however, the surprise arises not because he said something unusual, but because the people reacting to him did not know that much about Catholicism in the first place.  Here is the latest example. The Pope got a headline with Yahoo News–“Pope Says […]

Pope Francis on the Biblical Basis of Respect for Nature

Sometimes certain environmentalists criticize the Bible as the root of disregard for and disrespect for nature.  They think that modern, western nations have shown a remarkable desire (and ability) to master and control nature, and they note that modern, western nations were shaped by the Bible.  And they note that the Bible expressly tells human […]

An Unfair and Revealing Attack on the Pope’s Encyclical

The National Post has a rather unfair and somewhat revealing attack on the pope’s encyclical by a writer named Colby Cosh. Not all of the criticisms are unfair.  For example, Cosh notes the pope’s complaint that in some places there is a tendency to “privatize” drinking water, “despite its scarcity . . . turning it […]



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