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Mitch McConnell isn’t the problem. Mark Begich is the problem.

There are many people today who are furious at Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Boehner for accepting this deal and ending the shutdown. Not me.  I’m done with a fighting a losing battle. I’m more than happy to focus attention on the colossal on-going disaster which is the Obamacare rollout. The Defund strategy was doomed [...]

Rep. Collins on military chaplains: First Amendment is never ‘Non Essential’

Rep. Doug Collins, R-GA, who has also served himself as a military chaplain, sent a letter yesterday to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel about military chaplains not being allowed on military bases during the government shutdown — even on a voluntary basis. Collins sent the letter to Secretary Hagel after CNN and other media outlets reported [...]

Rand Paul: Obama Ignores Atrocities Against Christians

Barack Obama and his administration are turning a blind eye, and in some cases giving outright support, to “fanatics of Islam” that are waging open war against Christians throughout the Middle East. So said Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky in a speech at the recent Values Voter Summit. Senator Paul has quickly risen to prominence [...]

The Seven Days of Shutdown (and Counting)

The so-called government “shutdown” which is not really a shutdown at all, but perhaps more of a slowdown, is now approaching the end of its first week. In that time, President Obama has used the vast powers at his disposal as the chief executive to intimidate, harass, and otherwise persecute the American people for daring [...]

Stop complaining about the 47%

It was like nails on a chalkboard every time I heard Michele Bachmann complain that 47% of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes. (To me, that sounds like a good start! It should be 100%!) And then Mitt Romney, who was desperately trying to win over skeptical donors, deployed that toxic rhetoric at a private [...]

ObamaCare’s Hidden Pregnancy Tax

In the law, what is left unsaid is as important as what is said. Nowhere is this more true than in the thousands of pages of the joyless actuarial jargon, bureaucratic alphabet soup, and onslaught of new taxes that make up the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” more commonly known as ObamaCare. In particular, the omissions [...]

Obama’s Syrian Nightmare

President Obama is a victim of his own poor choices. Based on inconclusive evidence about a poison gas attack, he needlessly threatened to plunge America into the Syrian nightmare with neither strategy nor goal. His ineffectual saber-rattling, if carried forward, would almost certainly make nearly every aspect of the chaotic situation worse: aiding al-Qaeda, abetting [...]

Pope Francis Beats Obama on Syria

Pope Francis has called for a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace on Sept. 7. His global strike for peace will beat Obama’s military strike by two days at least. After his administration made the case for an attack on Syria, Obama decided to hold off on any action until Congress is back [...]



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