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I stand with Thomas Peters. Do you?

As you may know, on July 16th Thomas was in a horrible swimming accident, which left him in critical condition. Since then, he has been stabilized (praise God!) and continues to make his way down the path to recovery. It has not been an easy road and the journey ahead will be long and strenuous, […]

Why Now?

My offices here in Washington, D.C. happen to be across the street from St. Matthew’s Cathedral. I don’t have a view—because I don’t have a window—but a colleague of mine who does just poked her head into my office and said, “I’ve never seen so many people going to Mass.” So I went to take […]

Paul Krugman, Can Kicker

Paul Krugman thinks that, when it comes to the country’s fiscal problems—$16 ½ trillion in debt, four consecutive $1 trillion deficits, etc.—America should kick the can down the road. “It’s the responsible thing to do,” he says. Our creditors aren’t exactly beating down the doors, interest rates are low (so borrowing is cheap), and besides, […]

“Crony Contraception,” or Why the HHS Mandate is Even Worse Than You Thought

As we wait for the Secretary of Health and Human Services to hand down her latest edits to the First Amendment, let me suggest a little light reading to pass the time. I just came across this interesting column by David Catron at The American Spectator, in which the author connects the dots between the Administration’s […]

Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and the Future of Conservatism

Last week, E.J. Dionne had an interesting column comparing President Obama to Ronald Reagan. Both presidents, Dionne argues, were able to transform the political landscape, bringing about long-term changes in the way the electorate sees their government. Dionne compares Obama’s second inaugural to Reagan’s first inaugural to demonstrate the point: Like Reagan, Obama hopes to […]

To Govern…Or to Rule?

Last week , Steve Skojec shared a moving video that juxtaposed President Obama’s pro-life rhetoric in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting with Obama’s support for the legalized killing of unborn children. The President’s words were moving because they spoke to the inviolable dignity of human life; coming from the most staunchly pro-abortion president […]

What Constitutes a Nation?

The U.S. Constitution isn’t perfect, which is why those who drafted and ratified it also included provision for amending it. Still, there are some who think we should radically change it, or even abandon it all together. One must concede, simply as an abstract matter, that this might well be for the best. Who can […]

Archbishop Chaput on the Legacy of St. Thomas More

Over at the Public Discourse (as fine a source of serious thought as you’ll find anywhere on the interwebs) Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has a thoughtful and bracing essay on St. Thomas More and what the saint’s legacy means for Catholics in America today—especially for Chaput and his fellow bishops. Here’s the heart of […]

There’s Something about “Mary”

A few years ago when my wife and I were picking out a name (names, really) for our first daughter, a friend lent us a book called, The Baby Name Wizard. One of the really interesting things about this book (a free website version of which is available, here) is that each entry included a […]

Civil Society is Solidarity’s Natural Home

Here’s a depressing chart that compares American public education spending to student performance since 1970. (Via, Cato Institute.) And here’s a depressing chart that compares federal anti-poverty spending to the poverty rate since 1962. (Via, National Affairs.) One could find lots of disheartening charts like these, but these two will suffice for our purposes. Consider […]



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