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Dear Spouses: What if Natural Family Planning Didn’t Exist?

There’s been a lot of blog-splaining lately about just how difficult Natural Family Planning can be, particularly for those facing economic challenges. I thought I’d be Captain Obvious and point out something. Natural Family Planning (NFP) has been around only for mere decades. If you group NFP alongside its predecessor “calendar rhythm,” you get closer […]

The Eucharist, Our Only Hope for a Preoccupied World

  “I cannot compass all I have/ for all thou hast and art are mine.” As Lumen Gentium reminds us, The Eucharist is the “source and summit of the Christian life” (11).  It is a mystery that constantly challenges and encourages us. The Eucharist perpetually reveals to us new truths of what love is. I […]

You Are Right

  It often seems that today’s Christians also think that it is permissible to create divisions in the Church, the Body of Christ, to celebrate the Eucharist without looking after the neediest of our brothers, to aspire to better charisms without being aware that each is a member of the other, and so forth. The […]

All the Christians, Stand Up

A shooter says, All the Christians stand up. Would you stand? Would I? I’ve lived long enough to learn a few things about myself. One of them is that when I am under physical attack, I tend to freeze. I do really well if the situation requires moral courage. But physical courage, not so much. […]

The Gospel of Happiness, a Study of Positive Psychology & Christianity

“The Everlasting Man” opens with one of the most brilliant and beautiful analogies: G.K. Chesterton likens the Christian faith to a mountain, a sloping lovely place upon which many are blessed to be born.  These cradle-Christians might be tempted to travel far to find something to admire.  Yet if they did leave, they would see, […]

Remembering the Dignity of Work on Labor Day

  America pauses this week—as we do every year on this first Monday in September—to rest from and to recall the dignity of work.  The Church’s reflection on the nature and importance of work is extensive, especially in the twentieth-century.  While it’s an over-simplification to say that Her first formal treatment of work was Leo […]

Mumford & Sons Sing of Emmanuel in our Timshel

  If you are a Mumford and Sons fan, then you are probably familiar with the word “Timshel,” which is the title of the briefest song on their debut album: “Sigh No More.” If you are a Biblical scholar, or a student of the Hebrew language, then you would probably recognize timshel from the Hebrew […]

Lessons in Providence with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, Catholic, comedian, and general media personality, is on the cover of GQ’s September issue. But, more important than his literal and metaphorical image, is what he has to say, particularly what he relates in the interview he gives within the magazine. Many Catholics might question Colbert’s political stances, even his chosen mask, but, […]



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