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Why Am I Such a Jerk to ‘Gay’ People?

  Over the last couple years, and most recently in light of my Crisis essay on the August conference on same-sex attraction in Detroit ( ), I’ve gotten hammered publicly by fellow Catholics for challenging the views of some Catholics regarding homosexuality. This sometimes has gotten quite ugly, with much ink spilled accusing me of […]

Yes, We Need Ritual: The Millennial and the Mass

I can’t hope to speak for every young adult, but I can speak for myself and those whom I know. Existence easily feels unanchored, uncertain, and confining. When guidance is lacking, we often idolize distraction, making rituals of Facebook stalking, Instagram checking, and relational and sexual fantasizing. As a generation that thinks it does not need […]

Can Rick Perry’s Candidacy Be Saved?

Can Rick Perry’s candidacy for the presidency be saved?  Not, I think, if he takes the advice of Red State‘s Erick Erickson.  According to Erickson, Perry can resuscitate his political fortunes by taking on the Republican establishment directly, up to and including calling for the removal of John Boehner as Speaker of the House and […]

Carly Fiorina Is Hillary Clinton’s Unplanned Opponent

Carly Fiorina. Note that name. Write it down. Visit her website. Thursday night, she participated in a second-tier primary debate inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. According to the event’s sponsor, Fox News, as well as the Weekly Standard and CatholicVote, she stole the show. But, going into the debate, Fiorina was known […]

The full interview I gave to the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press today published an article “Vigneron softens his tone on Communion for Catholic gay supporters”.  I come off as being kind of mean.  Drat. Below is the full interview. 1)   Please address why this conference takes on added significance since it comes so shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down […]

Cruz, Rubio win debate according to CatholicVote Straw Poll

Question 1: Ted Cruz: 21.92% Marco Rubio: 21.72% Ben Carson: 14.39% Mike Huckabee: 12.26% Donald Trump: 8.93% Scott Walker: 5.90% John Kasich: 4.46% I did not watch the debate: 3.91% Jeb Bush: 3.30% Rand Paul: 1.87% Chris Christie: 1.30%   Question 2: Carly Fiorina: 62.26% I did not watch the debate: 27.66% Bobby Jindal: 3.56% […]

[VIDEO] Brit Hume Says Planned Parenthood Scandal Exposes the Nasty Details of Abortion

Sickening. The shameless exploitation of unborn children by Planned Parenthood just got even worse. New undercover video released this morning features yet another Planned Parenthood official negotiating prices for the sale of “specimens” or bodies of children killed by abortion. At one point in the dramatic footage, the Planned Parenthood director talks about ‘less crunchy’ […] Delivers Marriage Postcards to Nancy Pelosi

We recently hand-delivered the postcards to Nancy Pelosi’s office on Capitol Hill. If you remember, Pelosi tried to suggest that the Church’s teaching somehow supported her efforts to redefine marriage. We couldn’t let that lie go unchallenged, so we mobilized Catholics to send postcards to Pelosi which outlined Catholic teaching on marriage as a union […]



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