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Could America Survive Without Religion?

Could America survive without religion?  This is the question posed by Catholic philosopher and lawyer Robert George at Public Discourse. That this question can even be posed is a measure of how greatly our culture has changed.  As George points out, the leading American founders took it for granted that political institutions like America’s–that is, […]

Joe Biden Should Run For President and Defend the Pro-Life Cause

Joe Biden should run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency and defend the pro-life cause.  This strange and seemingly unlikely idea came to me after I read an account of a recent interview in which Vice President Biden admitted that, as a Catholic, he accepts as a matter of faith that life begins at […]

When Chickens Trump Babies…Time to Re-Prioritize?

I’ve been around the trivialities of poseur politics for a long time. I usually avoid the snark response, but every so often somebody comes along and jumps the shark in such a loutish way that it almost demands it. The most recent issue of Mother Jones is a case in point. Mother Jones is a […]

Poll Reveals Catholic Base is Strong in U.S.

Public Religion Research Institute just released a survey of Catholics. The survey covers devout Catholics, ‘Christmas-and-Easter’ Catholics and (for reasons I don’t quite get) former Catholics. It attempts to quantify the effect that the so-called “Francis Effect” has on the Church’s own. How does the much-vaunted power of Pope Francis’ open-hearted approach to the papacy […]

Why Am I Such a Jerk to ‘Gay’ People?

  Over the last couple years, and most recently in light of my Crisis essay on the August conference on same-sex attraction in Detroit ( ), I’ve gotten hammered publicly by fellow Catholics for challenging the views of some Catholics regarding homosexuality. This sometimes has gotten quite ugly, with much ink spilled accusing me of […]

Yes, We Need Ritual: The Millennial and the Mass

I can’t hope to speak for every young adult, but I can speak for myself and those whom I know. Existence easily feels unanchored, uncertain, and confining. When guidance is lacking, we often idolize distraction, making rituals of Facebook stalking, Instagram checking, and relational and sexual fantasizing. As a generation that thinks it does not need […]

An Overview Of Hair Extensions

An Overview Of Hair Extensions Girls wigs have been round for a very very long time, but till the creation of artificial fibers, human hair was largely used to make women wigs. There are some ingenious strategies such because the Invisible Hair Weave that may attach the unreal hair without the help of the glue […]

How To Take Care Of Pressed Hair

How To Take Care Of Pressed Hair Apparently, we are now justified in being so shallow that we find it okay to change a baby’s look with wigs! Most females who would like to make investments inside a very good medium lace front wigs or possibly well known person lace-wig generally are normally not wanting […]

Can Rick Perry’s Candidacy Be Saved?

Can Rick Perry’s candidacy for the presidency be saved?  Not, I think, if he takes the advice of Red State‘s Erick Erickson.  According to Erickson, Perry can resuscitate his political fortunes by taking on the Republican establishment directly, up to and including calling for the removal of John Boehner as Speaker of the House and […]



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