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Bleach Costumes Patterns

Bleach Costumes Patterns If you are significantly pondering of investing in cheap entrance lace wigs then, a few of the greatest recommendation I can add to that’s to buy a lace wig guide too. Remy hair also known as cuticle black hair wigs , virgin hair and lower hair has a smoother and more healthy […]

The 5 Sluttiest Wedding ceremony Clothes

The 5 Sluttiest Wedding ceremony Clothes Celebration, wedding, reception, presentation or daughter’s promenade – in the lifetime of each woman you’ll find solemn moments. The aim of this article is to spotlight a number of the things party dresses shop to keep in mind when shopping for prom dresses from abroad auction site sellers. Some […]

The Legacy of Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo, who died yesterday, gets my vote for Catholic politician who most screwed up Catholic engagement with the American public square. You may hear, with good reason, that it was the Kennedys. But I vote for Cuomo. It was Cuomo who laid out the intellectual case for the “personally opposed, but…” position of pro-abortion […]

Five Calendar Systems That Never Caught On

This New Year’s Day, the whole world, whether they realize it or not, celebrates the beginning of the two-thousand fifteenth Anno Domini based on the calculations of a monk named Dionysius Exiguus in the sixth century. Prior to that time, dates in the Christian world were given as either the regnal year of the Roman […]

St. Nicholas and ‘The Klaubauf’s Wager’

In the lore of Germanic Europe lies the tale of the Krampus, a devilish creature whose duty is to punish misbehaving children — a sharp contrast to beloved St. Nicholas, a protector of children. In some parts of especially Eastern Europe, young men dress up as the Krampus on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day […]

Obamacare architect calls American voters stupid

The architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, is caught on camera saying voters are ‘stupid’ and can easily be fooled by lack of political transparency. He said that backers of Obamacare purposely made the law complicated so the average American citizen would not understand what was happening. We have long said that Obamacare was built on […]

Where the Louisiana Senate Candidates Stand on the Issues

We’re in overtime in Louisiana! Because no candidate received over 50% of the vote on November 4, the top candidates are facing off on December 6. The two candidates are Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican Bill Cassidy. The Research Team has been hard at work this election season to ensure that Catholic voters […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Catholic Star Orlando Jones on Good and Evil

If you haven’t been watching Fox’s supernatural drama “Sleepy Hollow,” currently airing its second season on Mondays at 9 pm. ET/PT, you’re missing one of the best-written, funniest, scariest, loopiest and most exciting thrill rides in primetime TV. Click here to see a story I wrote about its premiere in the fall of 2013, but in […]



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