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On November 13, Celebrate the First American Saint

The American Catholic Almanac, co-written by Brian Burch and Emily Stimpson, is a daily reader of American Catholics who changed the United States.  From the American founding through the present day, the book follows saints and sinners, heroes, children, politicians, athletes, and artists who all have one thing in common:  their Catholic faith.  Get your copy […]

A Saint from Staten Island?

  He died thousands of miles from his family’s home. Sixteen months after his death, he was awarded the United States’ highest honor, the Presidential Medal of Honor. Now, he is on track to become an American saint. Meet Fr. Vincent Capodanno, known to his comrades in arms as the ‘Grunt Padre’ or ‘Father Vince.’ […]

Man & Woman: Designed to Need Each Other

John White wrote an article for CatholicVote a few days ago about a pastoral letter to men from Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix. Bishop Olmsted called this pastoral letter “Into the Breach.” I want to thank the bishop for writing a letter that calls men to be men, but does it without attacking women. That alone […]

Pride & Prejudice’s Rational Romance, a Lesson for our Times

  Humanity is awash in romantic narratives—from Anna Karenina to 50 Shades of Grey—that distort the nature of love, and feed our imaginations’ images of love as something overly emotional and sensual, from which it is difficult to break free. In Love and Responsibility, John Paul II writes that: “sensuality and emotionalism create states of […]

The Gospel of Happiness, a Study of Positive Psychology & Christianity

“The Everlasting Man” opens with one of the most brilliant and beautiful analogies: G.K. Chesterton likens the Christian faith to a mountain, a sloping lovely place upon which many are blessed to be born.  These cradle-Christians might be tempted to travel far to find something to admire.  Yet if they did leave, they would see, […]

Priest Spends Ten Months Playing With Legos, Everybody Wins

This.  Is.  Awesome. Fr. Bob Simon, from St. Catherine of Siena parish in Moscow, Pennsylvania, has built a detailed model of St. Peter’s Basilica and Square entirely out of Legos, which will be on display at the Franklin Institute through February 15. Five fun facts: 1.  The model Vatican measures 14×6 feet and uses 500,000 […]

Surprised by Pixar’s Joy

  Just recently, I saw Pixar’s Inside Out, and midway through I was surprised to find myself weeping. I don’t know if I have begun to weep more often and more easily, simply because I’m older, but if so, then that proves the storyline of the movie very deeply true. For it seems that as we’re […]

Whither Mundelein? Bishop-Elect Robert Barron on the Seminary’s Future

  On Sept. 8, Robert Barron will be ordained as an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. That’s great news for L.A., since it’s likely that the founder of the Word on Fire media apostolate — and host of its popular 10-part miniseries “Catholicism” — will soon be interfacing with the entertainment industry. […]



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