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Teen Girls Don’t Need This New Form of Mysogyny

The United States Department of Education has given Palatine, Illinois School District 30 days to reach a “solution” that allows a “transgendered” boy who says he is a girl to shower with the girls. Failure to comply could result in the loss of federal Title IX funds. The young man in question “identifies” as a girl. […]

Love Never Fails

  This past spring, I assistant directed our high school’s production of Our Town, the classic tale of turn-of-the-century New England by Thornton Wilder. Our Town is a love letter to the American Way of Life in small town, USA. It was a delightful play to produce with a handful of inner-city high school students […]

Class of 2019: Go to Mass

This post is authored by Dr. Timothy P. O’Malley, Director of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy at the University of Notre Dame. It was originally published on August 25, 2015 at “Oblation: Liturgy and Life,” and is republished with permission. Today, the University of Notre Dame holds its opening of the school year Mass. Participating […]

Surprised by Pixar’s Joy

  Just recently, I saw Pixar’s Inside Out, and midway through I was surprised to find myself weeping. I don’t know if I have begun to weep more often and more easily, simply because I’m older, but if so, then that proves the storyline of the movie very deeply true. For it seems that as we’re […]

Yes, We Need Ritual: The Millennial and the Mass

I can’t hope to speak for every young adult, but I can speak for myself and those whom I know. Existence easily feels unanchored, uncertain, and confining. When guidance is lacking, we often idolize distraction, making rituals of Facebook stalking, Instagram checking, and relational and sexual fantasizing. As a generation that thinks it does not need […]

Andy Warhol: An Icon for the Millennial Catholic

“It is precisely those artists and writers who are most inclined to think of their art as the manifestation of their personality who are in fact the most in bondage to public taste.” – Simone Weil This epigraph might seem an odd choice when writing about Andy Warhol – a man who painted soup cans […]

Her Life to Save a Life: Catholic Rebecca Townsend Remembered

Few of us get to accomplish what we set out do in life, but in her too-short years on Earth, Rebecca Townsend of Connecticut did. From The New York Daily News: A Connecticut teen was struck and killed by a car as she saved her friend’s life, tragically completing a “bucket list” she’d written for a […]

The Catholic Church in Crisis

The recent Supreme Court decision, Obergefell v. Hodges, has sparked widespread debate on social media, blogs, television, and many other mediums and in turn has highlighted how Catholics have become complacent in charity. For the Catholic who follows Church teaching and thus does not support same sex marriage, this means hearing or reading a multitude […]

Poor, Pure St. Maria Goretti

Every July 6, Catholics everywhere celebrate the feast of St. Maria Goretti, who at age 12 valiantly resisted attempted rape, was stabbed, and died from her injuries. But did you know that St. Maria Goretti’s canonization for defending her virginal purity apparently is being portrayed as an affront to rape victims? This is the armchair […]



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