Catholic College Humor

sister hover

A sister tests a Mechanical Engineering student’s hovercraft at Benedictine College’s Discovery Day.

Ah, college humor.

From the days of Harvard Lampoon to the YouTube and meme age, college students have had a reputation for irreverent humor.

At Catholic colleges the humor is just like it is anywhere else … but with a twist: reverent humor. I have collected some Benedictine College, Kansas, humor from campus memes and Stray Campus Comments shared on Facebook for your diversion and edification.

Studying in the 21st Century

So you don’t get the wrong idea from the pious stuff to follow, at Benedictine College, which has both Rosaries and a football team (and football and rosaries together) there is plenty of regular old college humor.


You get plain old Stray Campus Comments …

band nerd

chem matress

But you also get Stray Campus Comments from Theology classrooms:

It rested

Or, referencing St. Nicholas’ fight with an Arian …


Cafeteria Jokes

College humor must target the cafeteria. Here, the cafeteria complaints might take on a Catholic bent …


And at a Catholic campus, you hear great Stray Campus cafeteria Comments:

bacon friday

caf communion

three plates

Dating and Romance

There are great dating and romance jokes, using  rejection memes …

be a priest


date laugh

And needy girlfriend memes …

overly attached catholic girlfriend

And memes about a phenomenon I was not previously aware of: the “dating fast.”

dating courage

Then there are the old college standbys.

Campus personalities …



The student’s busy life …

daily mass time

Sports competitions …

good game spirit

And, of course, Stray Campus Comments combining the sacrament of confession, Facebook and cell phones ..?

beat you to confession

called during confession




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  • Tim Vickery

    And then he said,

    “My dear people of God…”

    Kyrie eleison!

  • John

    This is why I love going to Benedictine- Class of 2016

  • Jessica

    I’m surprised the memes with Meinrad didn’t include how he could tell you and the person standing right beside you how you were related even though you just met the other

  • Katie Sciba

    Rziha! That was such a great line. Oh BC, what a great time you were! We <3 Fr. Meinrad.

    Soak it up, Ravens!
    KS '08

  • Alissa

    Pretty sure the comment about Santa punching you in the face came from a professor whose name starts with R and sounds like she-a. I miss you, BC.

  • AJ




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