Catholic Priest with National TV Show!

And not on a small religious network – on a mainstream national television network!

I mean, this has to be news, right???

I’m not seeing much in the media yet about this exciting announcement from Father Robert Barron about his new television show on WGN America.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 13, 2010Father Robert Barron

In a bold move to reach Catholics and those searching for Christ in their lives, Father Robert Barron begins broadcasting a weekly national television program on October 3rd. “Word on Fire with Father Barron” will appear on WGN America Sundays at 8:30 am Central.

“Now is the time to reach out to Catholics and others who are searching for meaning in their lives or who have left the Church because they are disillusioned,” says Father Barron, a prominent theologian, author, and Archdiocesan priest of Chicago since 1986. “In each episode, our mission will be to encourage believers and bring the transformative power of the Gospel to the culture.”

Nothing like this has been around since Archbishop Fulton Sheen captivated American audiences on prime-time television.  It will be good to have a solid Catholic voice in the mainstream media.

Full disclosure:  I do consulting work for Father Barron’s Word On Fire Catholic Ministries.



  • Pamela

    The time slot may not be ideal, but most people have access to a recording device. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to set my DVR.

  • Charity

    Well, at least its a start! Praise God.

  • Jordan

    Good to see a nice show on Sunday morning. The only problem is that its on 30 minutes before I go to Mass, so I’ll probably miss most of it. But, at least it will be on. It would be cool if it was on during the week, or maybe even later on Sunday.

  • Paul Sadek

    Fr. Barron is a very faithful, dynamic priest who uses many different media very effectively to proclaim the Gospel message. But the timeslot is what we used to refer to as “the Sunday morning ghetto”; i.e., it’s a time of few viewers, and is usually part of a “block” of several hours of “religious programming” or infomercials. I don’t mean to dampen your enthusiasm, because I’m always happy to see more good Catholic programming on radio and TV; but to compare this news with Archbishop Sheen–who was in prime time and truly gave then-reigning “Mr. Television,” Milton Berle, a run for his money–may be a bit premature.

  • Gary Milhouse

    I used to live in Chicago and am familiar with Fr Barron. Good priest. This isn’t news, though, because the press release says that the airtime has been purchased.

    Archbishop Fulton Sheen had a mainstream television show on a network in primetime. If a Catholic priest was given that kind of platform nowadays, that really would be news. But purchasing airtime, not to mention the show being on in the typical Sunday morning timeslots of religious programming, doesn’t make for news.



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