Catholics for Romney-Ryan!

Mitt Romney made his choice.CatholicVote endorses Romney-Ryan!

Today we are making ours. is proud to announce that we are enthusiastically endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 presidential race!

The decision to endorse Romney for President was made after Governor Romney announced Saturday that he had selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Congressman Ryan is a superb choice. He is a committed Catholic and a candidate willing to engage in the much-needed debate about the role of government in our society – including the moral dimensions of our ballooning federal government. Paul Ryan actually uses the word ‘subsidiarity’ and can explain it!

Paul Ryan is also strongly pro-life. He has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee. He voted for a constitutional amendment to protect marriage, and he supports school choice. Perhaps most importantly — Paul Ryan also clearly understands the dangers posed by the HHS mandate, and he will fight as hard as anyone to make sure it is eliminated.

Now consider this….

Many people are heralding the selection of Ryan because of what he represents, and the seriousness that he will inject into the campaign. But the choice of Ryan also tells us something significant about Mitt Romney too: Paul Ryan is the man Mitt Romney believes is best suited to assume the responsibilities of President should that become necessary.

Of all the qualified choices available to him, Mitt Romney chose a dedicated pro-life Catholic to help him turn the country around.

While some predicted Romney would select a “safe” running mate, the former Massachusetts governor went bold. America cannot afford to tiptoe anymore around the critical issues facing our country. With entitlement programs set to go bankrupt, our economy floundering, and the moral fabric of our nation disintegrating, we need leaders willing to take bold risks to get us back on track.

And in his first major decision, Mitt Romney delivered. Big time.

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Our Moment

What does the selection of Paul Ryan mean for Catholics? A lot in fact. At least when comes to politics, believes this could be a pivotal moment for the Catholic Church in America

Paul Ryan will be the first pro-life Catholic to appear on a Republican presidential ticket since Roe v. Wade. Paul Ryan understands his faith. He understands Catholic social teaching, and prays and works to apply his faith to the practice of politics, including his economic and budget proposals.

Paul Ryan is not your typical Catholic politician.

For decades Catholics came to the shores of America looking for freedom, economic opportunity, and a place to practice their faith and raise a family. For many American Catholics during the last century, the Democratic Party became their home. Whether fairly or not, Republicans were perceived as the party of big business, while the Democratic Party was considered the political ally of the common man.

Much has since changed.

This year the Democratic Party will place homosexual marriage into their party platform alongside their fierce commitment to protecting the legal right to destroy unborn children, including taxpayer support of this holocaust. Furthermore, in the past year, a Democratic president and its leadership in the Congress and Senate have endorsed a mandate that will force Catholics to violate our deeply held moral beliefs — and may even shut down many Catholic institutions in the process.

Behind these “culture war” issues has been a debate about the size and role of government. Should the federal government provide universal health care? Should government decide what schools are best for our children? What about the role of government in our economy, and in “redistributing” wealth?

What does social justice mean? And how is it best achieved?

No, we are not saying that Catholics should simply vote Republican in every election. We must be proudly Catholic first, not partisan. Republicans who attack our Faith or endorse policies that destroy children and the family must be opposed with equal passion.

But the kind of vision for government and society proposed by Paul Ryan is a vision we heartily endorse. And what is his vision? It’s the vision of our Founders, Alexis de Tocqueville, and the practice of much of American history. And contrary to some partisan Catholics, it is a vision for civil society that the Catholic Church has long defended as grounded in prudence and moral principles.

The vision of government proposed by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is a vision of limited government and the unlimited potential of human freedom. It is a vision based in reality; a vision that recognizes when government grows too large, it inevitably destroys the very structures of civil society that make freedom and human flourishing possible.

The vision for America proposed by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is a vision grounded, not in government mandates and coercion, but in the power of human creativity, innovation, the family, churches, and the intermediate institutions that make up civil society.

Their vision is a vision of ordered liberty.

It’s a vision grounded in human dignity and freedom.

And it’s a vision we believe is still possible in America.




  • Dennis Rivelli

    You are kidding with this website aren’t you? I vote with the Nuns on the bus who recognize the true meaning of Christ and what should be the dedication of all Catholics to supporting programs and candidates that will not sacrifice people for protection of the few. I am a Catholic totally opposed to abortion and do believe a Catholic marriage is specially blessed by God. But will not agree that making all abortion illegal solves anything and not giving those same sex all the rights of a civil marriage is a violation of our American rights.
    Wake up Catholics, as Truman once said “he was guided by one simple idea, to do in all cases without regard to political or religious consideration what is to him right for the welfare of ALL the people”. I don’t make decisions of who should be President of this country based solely on Religious beliefs or one or two issues. It’s whats best for all including myself and my family that has my vote.
    I often say when reading about Christ mingling with the poor, the lepers, the outcast of society, “What would Christ do”! And I guarantee you, He wouldn’t be supporting Romney.

    • Sam Carolina

      Just as you agree that the “

  • Naomi

    Catholics wake up….do not vote for the party, but for what the person stands for.
    You will be judge in the last days on how you voted and you want to stand before God in doing what is right in His eyes. This nation was built as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” and let’s stand together. Catholics for Romney so he can undo what Obama has done.
    “Our God Reigns”

  • Web Surfer Dude

    Obama just doesn’t support abortion. He supports allowing a baby born in a botched abortion to be handed over to another doctor and be allowed to die in his or her hands. This puts us on par with ancient, brutal, and pagan Sparta. Even liberal European nations won’t allow for third trimester abortions like these due to the barbarity. But this is one of the few positions Obama didn’t vote “present” on. On this he took a principled stand. Not just for the termination of a zygote, but of a fully independent human being. While I happen to believe these are equivalent even an atheist can grasp that the latter is morally repugnant and dangerous. Because if we can do this, why not do the same to the infirm and elderly, because now it’s just a matter of degree — we have crossed the imaginary line. So how come so many Catholics can’t grasp this? Alcadia Bayley, no one here should presume to know what’s in a man’s heart but you should know what a politician’s positions are, after which if you still vote for him there’s no reaching you.

    Greg Aldana, I hope you get your wish and you and your mother are removed from the list. In 2008 there were so many left-wing front groups (some with no membership whatsoever) claiming to speak for Catholics it was hard to know which groups were real. I heard next to nothing from the USCCB. Perhaps that was by design; recent leadership changes may help. It is into this environment that this organization is trying to provide a counterweight. They certainly have as much right to lobby as those front groups do. I wish them the best.

  • Greg Aldana

    My Mother writes:
    PLEASE STOP SEND ME SMAIL MAIL! My address is : 9053 Calle To Whom at Catholic Vote
    Mr. Brian Burch, Pres. ,PLEASE STOP SEND ME SNAIL MAIL! My address is :
    By the way, I’m 86 years old and you should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to take my money by putting false fears into my mind. The Catholic Church I used to know would ONLY rely on God, Jesus and the Trinity to protect their mission; NOT A LOBBYING GROUP. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND SO SHOULD THE PART OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THAT SUPPORTS YOU.

  • Mimi Ziegenfuss

    Surely if all Christian, Catholic would vote according to our Faith and believe, America would not be where is at right now. Thank GOD we have rightous man of GOD to stand on our behalf (Paul Ryan, and MittRomney). For we are called to LOVE the things that GOD loves and to hate the things that HE, the GREAT I AM hates. Injustice, corruption, abotion-murder its NOT part of God’s character and Naure. I believe

  • AnnMarie

    I don’t know how any person who is ‘christian’ could vote for Obama and all his deceitful ways! I do know that people are looking at ways to save money and they think that is the way to go. They don’t realize that if you go that way, we’ll be burying America.

    • Alcadia Bailey

      I am sorry but I don’t agree with you. I consider myself a Christian and I don’t believe I have the right to judge anyone who doesn’t agree with me. Jesus said not to judge. The President of our country has to take care of all the people not just those who agree with our Christian ways. Do not vote for the party but the man who has tried to do his best against all odds.Just because he stands up for gay people and right to life may not be his beliefs. I believe that abortion is wrong but I will not judge someone who had to have one. I can talk to them and tell them my beliefs and pray with them but the judgement is God’s not mine. The President must think in that manner.We are not a democracy if we all have to believe and think the same way. I don’t feel I am burying America if I ask to receive the social security money I paid into the system for many years. Or the Medicare payment that were taken out of my paycheck each week.. Don’t be so narrow minded you can’t see the forest for the trees. God wants us to love each other and help each other. Please think about that before you make such harsh comments.

      • Sundshine

        No one is threatening your social security, but if the US goes over the financial cliff under Obama, and it will, no one will have any social security–so you need to vote for life and your monies!! Vote Romney and Ryan.

        • John

          Alcadia, well said. I agree that we all have to respect each others opinion… that is why most Catholics like me are expressing our support for MITT who is Pro-LIFE. Nothing wrong with expressing our core beliefs as a person, right? It doesn’t mean we are judging you or others who still support this president. JESUS also said, “teach a person how to fish, and not to rely on handouts”. Remember the parable of the talents? As for myself, i’m more concerned about the economy, the 16 trillion debt (5 Trillion in the last 3.5 years) and especially the weak leadership which we also saw in the unfortunate Libya Attack. God bless the soul of these brave men! I was born in the Philippines and now a proud American. Look at the family background of Mitt, you can find that he has a great character, he is a good father, a hard working person, God fearing, and has a very generous heart… he donated more money to charity Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reed combined… I cannot understand why those who are poor and depending on charity are so eager to punish those who are helping them in the first place? Instead of thanking MITT who gave $4Million or 29% of his 2011 income, many are bashing him for petty issues… Is it bad to aim high and become wealthy? Isn’t that part of the American Dream to be successful in life? For if you do not have more than enough for yourself, how can you give to others and be charitable??? When I came here in the US, my wife and I had nothing. I did not rely on others and had to work many hours to build our life in the US. I remained a good Catholic and followed the teachings of Christ. I believe that if you work hard, be positive, follow the commandments and be kind to others, you will be blessed more. So please, instead of bashing successful and TOP tax paying people, THANK THEM INSTEAD and be grateful!!! These people are sacrificing and serving others my goodness!

          • tempus_dominus

            I stopped reading when you said that Mitt is Prolife. That’s not true. He supports abortion in the case of rape, incest, and for the life or health of the mother. That’s a direct quote. Pro-life is an absolute position, not a nuanced one.



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