Catholics in Washington State Defend Traditional Marriage in The Seattle Times

If you live or have lived in Washington state, particularly the western side of the state, you know what’s it’s like. You’re warned that we are the least churched state in the nation (a positioning we may have recently lost), that unless you’re using NARAL talking points there’s no place for your voice in a state that voted to make abortion legal before Roe v. Wade, and then voted at least two more times to confirm that vote. Despite the fact that you meet wonderful people both of faith and not of faith, who all share common human values, the secular progressive values are so pervasive that it can be daunting to even consider speaking out with a divergent view.

In my three years living in Seattle (yes the city where there are rumored to be more dogs than children) I’ve met enough people to realize that this conventional wisdom denies the reality.

This week a group of us, all lay leaders from across the state, decided that it was time to respond to a group of Catholics speaking out against the Church’s teachings on marriage. Sure, they have a right to voice their opinions; but it’s our responsibility to make clear that they don’t speak for us.

So here’s our op-ed in The Seattle Times. I expected the negative comments, but I wish we could have a civil conversation despite the disagreement on some very big issues. However, that problem is not particular to Seattle or Washington. It’s rampant just about everywhere.

We have a FaceBook page where you can see the list of leaders and sign on to show your support. We are joined by several groups including the Knights of Columbus for Washington State (17,000 members) and the Seattle Archdiocesan Council of Women.



  • Greg B.

    It’s official. You lost. Good luck finding someone whose civil rights you tried to take away interested in having a civil discussion with you.

    • Not impressed with gays

      Greg, one thing I’ve learned is what comes around, goes around, and comes around again. Your great victory will only be temporary. I remember a time when I was young when no one would admit to being gay and the only closet we knew of was for putting away our clothes. Of course I will not live long enough to see things flip back around but it doesn’t really matter because it will. Being gay will lose its “cool” factor and those that are now living a gay lifestyle but are not really committed will fall away. Then people when wonder “Why did we think was cool anyway?” There truly is “nothing new under the sun”.

      • Greg B.

        Yeah – keep telling yourself equal rights for gays and lesbians is a fad. The denial I’m seeing on the blog and elsewhere is truly impressive.,

  • Stacy

    Why, why, why all the name-calling? We may have our differences, but come on! Can not people of faith be respectful in their discussion? How can we be a light to the world when we fail to behave rightly to fellow believers?

  • Debbi

    I just got on this site. I am not Catholic, but I was on here to get some information about the election and voting patterns. I am not clear why the comments below seem like an ongoing argument between a few people. If someone doesn’t subscribe to Catholic beliefs why are they on here? Everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe. The First Amendment guarantees us the right to be free from the thought police. It would be much appreciated if people learned to have a discourse without slinging insults. We get a lot of bad examples from elected officials but we don’t have to get in the mud like they do. You get a lot more bees with honey. Someone would not convince me to change my mind by insulting me or screaming at me. Rather, someone who approached me with a sincere desire to have a dialogue about an issue that was important to them would have a chance to have a conversation. Maybe if we started acting like civilized people who respect each others’ rights to have different opinions, maybe the politicians we elect would learn something.

  • Albert Mendonca

    My dear gay/lesbian friends/advocates – If you are bold enough to comment here be atleast bold enough to use your own REAL name.

    Atleast that will tell us who is posting hatred with the fictitious names!

    • Albert

      I want your real name so that I can find you on google and harrass and threaten you in person. Please also write down your cell phone number and social security number to make my job easier.



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