Candidate Fund endorses Ted Cruz, Clark Durant for Senate

We’re endorsing two more candidates for the U.S. Senate!

Today we are urging each of our nearly 600,000 members to get behind Ted Cruz in Texas, and Clark Durant in Michigan — both candidates seeking the GOP nomination in their respective states for the United States Senate.

Help CV turn out the Catholic vote for Cruz and Durant!

I don’t need to tell you how badly we need to shake up the U.S. Senate.

Under Senator Harry Reid, the Senate has refused to approve a budget for three years, while repeatedly blocking votes on critical pro-life, and pro-family legislation.

We need leaders unafraid to stand up for the foundational issues of life, family, and freedom in the Senate. We’ve done our research and we believe both Ted Cruz and Clark Durant will be reliable and trustworthy leaders on these and other issues.

Ted Cruz

In Texas, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison – one the last remaining pro-abortion Republican Senators – is retiring. Whoever wins the Republican Senate primary on July 31st is expected to win the election in November. And both Republican candidates (Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst) profess to be pro-life.

But Ted Cruz doesn’t just check the box. He’s been a leader on our issues.

As Solicitor General of Texas, the chief lawyer of the State of Texas, Cruz has been responsible for defending Texas law in the federal courts. He has authored more than 80 briefs for the United States Supreme Court and personally argued nine times before the highest court in the land.

Cruz has defended in federal court the constitutionality of the Texas Ten Commandments monument and the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Help us urge Catholics in Texas to vote for Ted Cruz on July 31!

Over in Michigan, pro-abortion Democrat Debbie Stabenow is running for reelection. Stabenow is the darling candidate of the radical pro-abortion Emily’s List, and she returned the favor by leading the phony ‘War on Women’ – the same ‘war’ that is trying to force our Catholic institutions to pay for abortion drugs and contraception.

Clark Durant

To challenge Stabenow, establishment Republicans have promoted former Congressmen Pete Hoekstra. While Hoekstra had a strong pro-life record in the House, we’re convinced that Clark Durant would be a better candidate to run against Stabenow in November.

Clark Durant has a compelling story that will inspire voters. Worried about the education of children in Detroit, he co-founded Cornerstone Schools, which graduates 95% of their students.

Durant also understands how government works and understands its limitations. When the Secretary of Transportation put him in charge of the Ann Arbor Railroad, he took the state-owned and subsidized railroad private. The move saved taxpayers money and created jobs.

He even testified before Congress on how they could better spend their money. One Senator complained, “Go back and tell Clark Durant to shut up and spend the money like everybody else.”

Michigan’s primary election is also just weeks away. To get the message out to voters, we need to act now.

Help us send Ted Cruz and Clark Durant to the Senate. Donate now!

Brian Burch
President Candidate Fund

P.S. Recall that we got behind Richard Mourdock in Indiana, and he shocked the establishment and defeated Richard Lugar. This is what we do.

Our CV Research Team pours over the records and positions of any candidate we endorse. We talk directly with campaign staff and ask the hard questions. Then we use prudence and common sense to recommend the best candidates for you. It’s a team effort, and your support makes it happen.




  • disgusted

    really wish church and state would stay separate.

  • curator

    When and where can I get some Ted Cruz for US Senate signs?

  • curator

    When and where can I get some Ted Cruz for US senate?

  • Robert Dale

    The only campaign adds that I have heard from Dewhurst have been attack adds on Cruz. I cannot possibly support any candidate with such a negative campaign.

    • Jenny

      Then you can’t support Cruz. His campaign has attacked Dewhurst calling him a liberal, as well as all the senators in the state senate (which by the way, is the most conservative senate in decades). Dewhurst has been a conservative stalwart during his tenure as Lt. Gov (president of the seante).

      Here is what he’s done for the prolife issue:

      CV is dead wrong here. Cruz is a short-fused candidate with no record to stand by. How can he take that to the US Senate?

  • Suzanne

    Bad call for Texas. David Dewhurst has been just about the strongest ally the pro-life movement has in Texas or any other state. He’s been endorsed by both Texas Right to Life and the Texas Alliance for Life and has a long list of legislative accomplishments behind those endorsements. When has Cruz put political capital on the line for the pro-life movement?

    • Chris

      I agree. This endorsement of Ted Cruz doesn’t make sense, especially the reasons behind it. He’s only argued cases for laws that Dewhurst passed. Every other Pro-Life organization has seen this and endorsed Dewhurst.

  • gatormom

    Who are you supporting in the Florida Senate race?

    • Joshua Mercer

      Gatormom, thanks for asking. We haven’t endorsed anyone yet in the Florida race yet. However, we are very concerned about Connie Mack’s long support of embryonic destructive research. We’re happy that over in Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson recanted his previous support. Connie Mack would be wise to follow suit. If I were to vote in Florida, I’d likely cast a ballot for Dave Weldon, but I’ll have to research the race a little more at this point.



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