CatholicVote Sponsors ‘Pelosi Buses’ at March For Marriage

Pelosi Intimidation of Catholic Bishop Backfires


CHICAGO — Four “Pelosi Buses” full of traditional marriage supporters are headed to the nation’s capital today for the annual March for Marriage. The buses are sponsored by members of in response to California Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s recent letter to San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone urging him to not attend the March for Marriage. President Brian Burch explained: “When Nancy Pelosi wrote her letter to Archbishop Cordileone, she no doubt figured it would win her praise from her anti-marriage political friends. What she didn’t realize was that her brazen miscalculation inspired thousands of Catholics to mobilize in defense of the time-honored institution of marriage.”

“We were overwhelmed by the response of our supporters,” said Burch. “Catholics everywhere agreed that Pelosi had gone too far, and that something had to be done. The laity in the Church are very passionate about this issue.”

“Pelosi’s overheated rhetoric and her lack of respect for the humble Archbishop of San Francisco inspired a backlash among Catholics nationwide. The letter not only emboldened Archbishop Cordileone to speak the truth in charity at the rally on Thursday, it also rallied the support needed to help several hundred more people attend the March to hear him speak.

“It seems strange to say, but ‘Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for motivating proponents of traditional marriage to respond in the best way possible,’” said Burch. is a co-sponsor of the March for Marriage, which is organized by the National Organization for Marriage. For more information on the march, visit




  • Richard Chen

    Thnak you Bishop Cordileone for standing up for traditional marriage. As a brother Knight I will be walking right beside in spirit !!!

  • Helen Joanne Satmary

    Facebook refuses to acknowledge that marriage is only between a man and a woman. They refuse my comment

  • Helen Joanne Satmary

    Marriage has always been and always will be between a man and a woman. Anything else is anathema!

  • ‘Sconsin Patriot

    When I hear about this, I went to the good Bishop’s diocesan website, copied his letter back to “Pelosi and company” and sent it along with Catholic Vote’s article to all my Catholic friends. Couldn’t attend the march, but at least I can spread the word. “Bless God, America”
    ‘Sconsin Patriot

  • Bill Withers

    The march was a failure after all. So much for the hundreds of thousands that will march for your little cause.



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