Charlie Wilson supports the HHS mandate

Or, at least, his recent comments make it seem that way.


Charlie Wilson, the Catholic former pro-life former congressman from Ohio’s sixth district wants his seat back. Charlie Wilson voted for Obamacare. He was one of those on-the-fence last-minute votes that put Obamacare over the top.

Charlie Wilson recently expressed pride in his votes while in Congress.

But when I wrote about his recent comments the other day a glaring implication slipped my notice. If Charlie Wilson still thinks voting for Obamacare was the right thing to do he makes no indication that he is opposed to the funding of abortions through Obamacare, or to the HHS Mandate. From the article:

Wilson also believes he voted the right way in support of health care reform legislation.

But while he supported such measures in the bill as requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and allowing college-age children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26, he said he would have preferred other provisions to be phased in over time.

“When it came back from the Senate it was ‘take it or leave it, here is the way it’s going to be,'” Wilson said. “As people have come to learn more about it, they have become more pleased with it. But I think since the decision has been made by the Supreme Court (to uphold most of the new health care law), we have to get on with job one – and that’s jobs, getting our economy rebuilt and getting ourselves out of the fix we’re in.”

No mention of abortion funding or the HHS Mandate, both of which ought to color anyone’s commentary on it if they’re seeking election. The only lament he expresses is how quickly certain provisions are being implemented. Then he tries to change the subject as if the SCOTUS ruling took the whole thing off the table.

His silence on the matter of the HHS Mandate is not insignificant. Steubenville is in the district, which means my employer, Franciscan University of Steubenville, which has sued the federal government over the gross violation of religious liberty that is the HHS Mandate, and most of our employees, are here.

As a matter of pure crass politics, if he wants to please voters in these parts he needs to stick up for religious liberty and life, or at least pay them lip service. But he doesn’t. Instead he talks about other provisions of the bill that are less controversial.

If he does not have the political or moral convictions, or even the basic political sense, to take a strong stand against the provisions of Obamacare that assault religious liberty and fund abortion then he must be okay with those things.

Beyond that, a little more on his comments about Obamacare:

He characterizes the vote he had to make on Obamacare as a “take it or leave it” vote when it came from the Senate. Sure it was that way, but that means “leave it” was an option. He could have voted nay. Either option was equally possible and valid. And if he were a little more principled and voted “no” he may have retained his Blue Dog and pro-life credentials. As such, he sold out.

And he wraps up his comments with the nonsensical statement that as people have been learning more about Obamacare the more pleased they have been with it. Poppycock. If that were the case, “repeal” would not be in the election-year lexicon of the risk-averse GOP presidential nominee and a majority of its congressman. Heck, even Democrats voted to repeal the whole thing when it was voted on in the House recently. No, the vast majority of Americans are not coming to be more pleased with it. Quite the contrary.

Rather than speak about the real problems that have resulted from the law he parrots Nancy Pelosi’s talking points—which is the same thing he did back before it passed, after it passed, and then before losing his reelection bid.

Charlie Wilson wants his seat back, it seems, simply because he wants it back. He has demonstrated no awareness of why he lost it in the first place, certainly none of what the district expects from its congressman given the present realities, and has demonstrated no ability to think critically about the issues facing us. He was and would be a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi unless they gave him permission to vote otherwise. That is not good for America, and it is not good for Ohio’s sixth district.



5 thoughts on “Charlie Wilson supports the HHS mandate

  1. GREG SMITH says:

    Charlie Wilson? Is that the same Charley Wilson who said let’s kick the Soviets out of Afganistan by giving the Northern Allaince Stingers and Milans? That Charley Wilson?

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Heh. No, but that Charlie Wilson comes up first in Google searches.

  2. Louis says:

    I think that we all forget that Republicans had the power to eliminate these requirements and to improve the healthcare legislation, but they chose to be obstructionists instead, forcing Democrats to pass this on their own. The President invited Republican leadership, on numerous occassions, to come to the table and help creat healthcare legislation that would help all Americans. In fact, the central aspect of the plan is a based on Mitt Romney’s very own healthcare plan that he championed while he was governor. The people that you should be holding accountable for this situation are all Republicans, they were the ones that shirked their duties when this law was being debated.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Flatly untrue, Louis. The Republicans offered plenty of alternatives and asked for time actually to, you know, read the bill being forced upon us all. Obama and co. flatly ignored their alternative plans and their suggestions and scoffed at the notion that the bill should be read in its entirety before being voted upon. Even if they wanted to offer “improvements,” they would have to read the daggone thing to know what they were trying to improve. But no time to read and consider was allowed. So if you want to accuse the GOP of “obstruction,” at least be fair to attribute to them that they merely wanted to read the bill so they could offer fixes to a known commodity.

    2. James says:

      If you recall, it was republicans with some pro-life democrat support who ensured the Hyde amendment language was in the original obama-care bill that passed the house. They did it because it was the right thing to do, even though it ensured passage. The democrat senate and pelvis took it out of the final draft. You are entitled to your belief that the GOP should have played along, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

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