Charming moment + photo: Pope Benedict gives sniffer dog a pat of thanks

I can’t help it. Amid all the heavy topics we tackle daily on AmP, it was nice to read something totally different:

The UK Catholic Herald:

Pope Benedict XVI yesterday stopped to give a police dog an unexpected pat while thanking some of the 2,000 members of the West Midlands Police who had helped to protect him during his visit.
After meeting the seminarians of England, Wales and Scotland at Oscott College, Sutton Coldfield, the Pope saw Jake, a black Springador who acts as an explosives sniffer for the police.
Wading through a crowd of public servants the Pope was greeted by the dog, who appeared to enjoy the attention.

I would love to find video of the encounter. Moments such as these help “humaize” the pope, who is shy and must often retire behind strict security and scripted moments.

This is not the pope’s first public encounter with a canine. He also likes St. Bernards:

Indeed, affection for St. Bernards seems to run in the Ratzinger family (this is the pope’s brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger):

Source: Unleashed.



  • Susan Vigilante

    Awesome. The Pope must love dogs as much as I do. Obviously a quality person.

    • Mike Miller

      Susan, You have an awesome name!!!! Go get em!!

  • pamelanak

    I thought our Holy Father was strictly a cat person!

    • Panda Rosa

      I guess Papa Benedict believes in turning the other cheek, though he’ll probably make it up to Chico later with a can of sardines :)

  • elm

    Was the puppy sniffing for the bark of Peter among the fringe?

  • David Charkowsky

    Too bad the dog wasn’t a German Shepherd. :)

    • Giovanni A. Cattaneo

      I was wondering that too but I guess that would of been too cliche.



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