Children in Marriage Politics

I find it interesting that the following article is in the “fashion” section of the NYT:

“Gay Marriage” advocates begin utilizing children as a tactic to show their true family values.

In recent years, an increasing number of these children — ranging in age from 10 to nearly 40 — have taken active roles in campaigns organized by Colage (formerly known as Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere), and civil rights groups like Lambda Legal and Glad (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders). Their involvement is helping to change the narrative of same-sex marriage to a story about families from one about couples.

One can hardly blame them. With much of the dsyfunction showed by heterosexual families (like the South Carolina’s governor), this does look like a family, b/c people rarely see what a good family looks like.

The most important thing for Catholics to do won’t be to find kids in these homes who have been traumatized by gay marriage, but to form our own families in the image of the Holy Family so that people regain a sense of what a “family” really is supposed to be. Until then, polygamy, homosexual marriages, etc. will continue to parade children and parents as “families” and America will not have the experience of a true family necessary to stand strong.



  • Gary Mortenson

    Is someone who played division-1 Women’s hockey and made all-conference in softball who you are talking about? Is someone who has a masters in psychology, teaches 8 courses at 3 different colleges and will have a doctors degree this year, who you are talking about? Is someone who goes to church every Sunday, prays daily and thanks God for every day they are alive, who you are talking about?

  • Michael Denton


    I think all human beings are dysfunctional, as to be properly functioning is to function without sin. I think I alluded to that in my post by pointing out the dsyfunction in hetereosexual families.

    As to why I believe homosexuality is sinful (and therefore dysfunctional), that’s another post entirely. However, I do support the notion that God loves all beings, especially the dysfunctional ones.

  • Gary Mortenson

    After thought
    God loves us , no matter what. Let’s go with God

  • Gary Mortenson

    Well, I’m a father who has a very well functioning daughter, who happens to be one of your, so called, dysfuntional beings. Maybe, you should take time to wonder why some people are different than others. What explanation can possibly enter your perception of what beings should be or not be. Explain to me what angels are or who the blessed trinity is.



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