Christie has a terrible record on judicial nominations

I never got as upset as other folks that Chris Christie hugged President Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I do not believe that it cost Mitt Romney the election. (Romney’s 47% comment and his failure to push back on the ‘war on women’ were more consequential in that regard).

And I have defended Christie’s record on policy in New Jersey, which has been quite good considering how blue New Jersey is. He’s done a great job of making sure that compensation and benefits for public sector employees are more in line with the citizens they serve. And I am glad he vetoed a bill that would have changed New Jersey’s tight regulations against surrogacy. For these reasons, I’ve had considerable admiration for Chris Christie.

But make no mistake: Governor Chris Christie is absolutely terrible on judicial nominations. He has been given the chance to bring about real reform to a court riddled with judicial chaos, but he has repeatedly backed away at any attempt to show leadership in this battle.

To the deep disappointment of pro-lifers and conservatives, Christie re-nominated Stuart Rabner as Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court in May. Just a few weeks later, he followed this up by nominating Lee Solomon to the court. This is a direct slap in the face to pro-lifers. Solomon ran for the Legislature in 1991 and earned the endorsement of New Jersey Right to Choose.

As Paul Mulshine, a conservative columnist in New Jersey, noted:

“You can’t help but conclude that Christie is breaking his promises both to the pro-life movement and to those who expected him to restore constitutional coherence to the court. Since Christie took office, five of the seven seats on the high court have come open. There is no discernible change in its ideology and Christie’s out of picks.”

The Judicial Confirmation Network just launched and they demonstrate his disappointing record in a devastating 90-second ad:

Some might argue that we can’t get any governor as pro-life or as conservative as Christie in such a liberal state as New Jersey — and that might be true. But we can definitely do much better in 2016 than to have Chris Christie as a presidential nominee.


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  • Daniel Marcum

    “Why do people get upset just because a person nominated doesn’t agree with them on one particular issue?”

    Because this issue is whether or not it should be legal to murder babies. If it was the 1930s, we would oppose a governor who nominated a Nazi. If it was the 1960s, we would oppose a governor who nominated a Jim Crow supporter. Can you imagine someone saying, “Okay, maybe this person thinks it should be legal to murder 6 million Jews, but that’s just one issue. On the economy, he’s okay.”

    Do you see the problem with that thinking? No one is saying we should only pay attention to baby murder, but baby murder should be a deal breaker.

    Does that help understand why we feel this way?

    • Sean Argir

      Daniel Marcum……….

      Would you allow a lady to die because you wouldn’t let her get an abortion that could save her life?

      How about not allowing a badly malformed fetus to be aborted to which it would then suffer such unbearable pain that it would live minutes or less outside the womb?

      • Sean Argir

        To what I previously said…….think about the word “compassion” when thinking about abortion. There are situations that involve the mother and the fetus to which abortion can be thought of as compassion.

  • morganB

    Once again… please define pro-life for me. We often get trapped in a single issue debate. This is one.

  • Sean Argir

    Why do people get upset just because a person nominated doesn’t agree with them on one particular issue?

    When a person nominates someone, I would hope they go beyond just considering them due to one single issue. There are many issues that a person takes a stance on and sometimes one stance may not be liked but overall the person is a good choice.

    • Anthony Clifton

      Would you let Charles Manson babysit your children on the basis that he had a good reference from a McDonalds job he had in highschool?

  • Bill

    If Christie says he is pro-life, but does not act like he is pro-life, I can not vote for him.



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