Christopher West returns from sabbatical, promises to respond to critics

I’ve refrained from getting into this debate because I have friends whom I respect on both sides of the discussion, and because I haven’t had the time to fully educate myself on the dispute. EWTN News/CNA has a good snapshot of the situation:

Author and speaker Christopher West has ended his six-month sabbatical, saying he has come to see “a need for greater balance in my life.” He reported that he will address critics of his interpretation of John Paul II’s theology of the body, adding that some have been helpful while others continue to “misunderstand or misrepresent” his work. [Continue reading…]



  • Blaise Alleyne

    I agree with the above comments: (1) the lack of full-text RSS feeds are really annoying, and I might unsubscribe; (2) on the whole, I’m with Christopher West and Janet Smith.

    • Thomas Peters

      Blaise – we are working on fixing the RSS feed issue. Thanks for the constructive feedback!

  • GW why do I need 3 letters all of a sudden?

    Dr. Janet Smith seems to support this guy, and I find it hard to contradict her.

  • Teep Schlachter

    Tom, first off, I wish I could just see a blog article and not have to click on the title to read it in the new format. That’s my only complaint, but it’s a big one. Second, I have to agree that it’s hard to pick a side in the dispute. On the one hand, anyone who lumps Hefner in with John Paul II is in need of some fraternal correction. On the other hand, the need for evangelizing toward the rampant promiscuity problems in the US is great, and West seems to offer an image of sexuality that’s honest, frank and directed toward sacramentality.



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