Church Ad Fail

The popularity of Thomas’ Worst Vocations Poster Ever post this AM reminded me of this ad I snapped from my local paper a week or so ago.

This ad for “church” made me long for the wit of the late Fr. Richard John Neuhaus.  No doubt he would have had the perfect comeback to their slogan.  Ironically the church website promotes a regular event titled “First Things First,” which I am guessing does not include the reading of selections from the respected journal Neuhaus founded.

Presumably they still retain the 2000 year-old belief in Jesus Christ.  If so, apparently some of their beliefs are, well yes, old.  So I assume they are referring to those burdensome time-honored moral teachings.  Too bad.  The full package is so much more satisfying.

“Late have I loved you.
O Beauty, ever ancient, ever new.
Late have I loved you!”

– St. Augustine



  • Brandon

    Really, you have to read it charitably; after all, they just recently started thinking, and surely that’s progress!

  • JohnE

    “Our thinking is not.” That’s the first thing you see when you glance at the ad and I think that about sums it up right there. “Our thinking is not thinking.”

  • greg smith

    Renember that at the tme of Jesus, Jewish men could have multiple wives. St. Joseph, being a working class man had only
    mary as his wife if for no other reason than he culdent afford another one. That’s one way of thinking that all (well almost all) Christians have changed over the last 2000 years

  • lala

    Rename it to “Image Fail”



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