Church Remodeling #FAIL: 13th Cent. Dominican Church changed into cafe

From The Courtier comes unwelcome tidings that brave new frontiers in the search for tackiness are being opened up in the Netherlands:

That’s right – this lounge is located where the high altar of the Church used to be.

The Courtier, with palpable regret, pens the eulogy for this once-sacred space.



  • LNBE

    I think the most displeasing thing is that a church, especially one with such historic value that might otherwise be preserved, is deconsecrated and put to any other use at all.

    That being said, it strikes me that the two most appropriate uses of a former church have to do with books and/or food. This sort of thing (the repurposing of churches), sadly, happens more often than most people like. There are stipulations in the sale of a church limiting its use, to prevent it from being used for something truly scandalous.

    The most distasteful thing about the space is the cruciform thing in the middle. However even that strikes me as a changeable, non-architectural detail, and therefore still pretty inoffensive.

    As far as “tackiness” goes, I’d rate this as pretty low. It seems to me there are better things about which to get worked up than this.

  • Catholic Hillbilly

    Catholics like me here in the deep south don’t take too kindly to no gay bars in our Churches. See’n as y’all got a problem with dem types and see’n as we can’t build em fast nuff for ourselves, just make sure you got your personal belongings out and well send a few guys with some chains and a pickup truck on over and have those Churches out of your hair in no time.

    Take real good care of em too – perpetual adoration, novena’s to St. Jude every Thursday, Opus Dei borrowing the chapel all the time and what not.

    We got a nice piece of land already picked out. The Dominician Sisters already got a school built in the back, got themselves a waiting list to get in.

    It’s boomin here in the Catholic South. Y’all come down.


  • Steve

    Perhaps it makes more sense for a church to be razed – taken down – in order to prevent a misuse of what was a sacred space.

    • Mike

      A most excellent idea. Reminds me of the priest in Connecticut who refused a $60,000 donation because it came from a pro-abortion benefactor. Or when we burned old palms and sacramentals and put the ashes into the earth, rather than throw them out with the trash.

      Faith succeeds when we put the Kingdom of God first, before money.



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