Catholics were helping people long before the State of Illinois

As Thomas just noted, Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption and foster care fields.

It is worth reminding everyone again that Catholics entered this field of charity long before the State of Illinois got involved. Then decades later politicians wanted to show how much they cared, so they spent our money to show voters that they were helping children. Boy, it made for great photo ops.

Then the government dominated the market with our tax money (again, remember, they are doing this with OUR money). After all with this much state dollars flooding the adoption and foster care market, why would anyone give much in the way of private donations?

Why is that bad? Because it becomes impossible for Catholic Charities to consider doing adoptions or foster care without get state grants.

And that means that adoption and foster care is at the mercy of he who writes the check. Today’s news proves that.

We Catholics spend decades helping thousands of children only to see the State slam the door in our face.



6 thoughts on “Catholics were helping people long before the State of Illinois

  1. Fred says:

    It’s obvious that you were adopted into parents of the same race. Meaning, that you state you wonder who you look like? Do you ever consider how many children from races other than the adoptive parents are out there? Do you realize that more black children are in foster care than white children? I don’t give it much thought what the church feels is in the best interest of the children. What your Catholic church? Who just came out with a manuscript stating that if a child is over 10yrs old it isnt pedophelia? Disgusting that this church would ever state such a thing. It makes them look all the more insane. It’s more important to be taken care of, loved and raised with love. If a same sex couple can offer a child that is unwanted that kind of life, then more power to them. I don’t care what the church says is correct. Being how they have messed up on so many levels, I don’t hold the church in high regard when it comes to the right thing, regarding our children. As for you, I’m sure you wonder who your parents were, and why. Maybe one day you will get your answers. I can understand that. That is simply not the point or the issue. What makes you think a same sex couple can’t offer a child a full life, with love and raise them better than an adoptive couple? Can you say for certain that a heterosexual couple who may divorce would be that much better? It’s people with your mind set who never can seem to think on a deeper level or a level outside of your own box, that are the real problem. Maybe you need to gain another perspective.

    1. debrr says:

      Fred you continue to make it perfectly clear that you do not have an informed understanding of the issues at hand. I have searched and found my birth parents and extended birth family who live in the same area that I do. My birth family is not the same as my adopted family who raised me all of my life. My birth family got to know me as an adult, so we are more like close friends rather than family. Don’t get me wrong, I love both families dearly, things are just different with them. I am not sure what the definition of pedophelia has to do with adoption, you need to stick with the topic at hand. The Catholic Church doesn’t make those kinds of definitions anyway, it is usually lawmakers or psychologists. Divorce is not limited to heterosexuals either, same sex unions are disolving as well. I don’t have to “think” about whether a same sex couple can raise a child better than a heterosexual couple can, God has done the thinking and deciding for me. He determined that it takes a man and a woman to make and raise a child not me!

  2. Phil says:

    So, is it your belief that any adoption agency run by any religious organizationshould be able to place children based on their religious strictures, using state funds, or would you rather there be an exemption only for Catholics and like-minded religions?

  3. Bill says:

    You put this very well, Joshua. Thank you. I think that Catholics should reflect this Memorial Day Weekend whether putting on the uniform of this country and allowing it to sew such mayhem in peoples’ lives is not, perhaps, a crime. If this Country is moving away from 5670 years of traditional Judeo-Catholic truths, should we just not let it collapse of its own weight? I know. I know. The answer is: young Catholics are in the U.S. military because they need JOBS, just as Catholics served in the Roman Army.

  4. Fred says:

    Sorry Josh, but I feel it’s much more important that a child be placed with people that will offer the child love, care and the basic necessities of what children need to grow up. If that means that a child be placed with two women, or two men, that will offer the child love and a decent quality of life, then in my view the child is far better off in that environment. If Catholic Charaties opts out because they refuse to comply with the laws of the state, then they are sacrificing the children. If that is correct in the eyes of many, then I feel sorry for all of you people. Be true to thy self. Unless you are attracked to the same sex. In that case, when that happens in life, you have to be true to what others want you to be. Not what you really are. May God forgive all of us.

    1. debrr says:

      Well Fred, if you are not an adopted child, I am afraid you do not know what you are talking about. I on the other hand I am an adult adoptee. I was adopted when I was three months old. I was at the mercy and good judgement of the people placing me in a new family. Catholic social services have a duty to the children they are placing in homes. They must have the best interest of the child in mind in accordance with Catholic teachings. When you are a child things are very simple, you have a mommy and a daddy and you love them, even though they have told you that you are “special” because you were chosen and wanted so much by them. You really don’t understand the big picture. As you mature and gain the knowledge of procreation you start wondering about your birth parents, who do you look like, ect… You know that it takes a mommy and a daddy to make a baby and then when you don’t even have that… it could cause even more confusion and pain. It is difficult enough to realize that your mother gave you to complete strangers (unless you are blessed with an open adoption). It took the selfless love of a mother who knew she couldn’t give you the life she wanted to give you, to place you in a loving home. If you are attracted to the same sex you are unable to be fruitful,(one of the requirements for Catholic marriage)therefore according to natural law, you cannot be a part of procreation either. God made man and woman to comliment each other and to procreate. He is the one Who determined children should be raised by a mommy and a daddy. The state should not interfere.

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