CNN Anchor Asks Bishop: “Why Not Get On Board” With Same-Sex Marriage?

The condescension of the media is staggering at times:

Seriously, that’s supposed to be a real question, Kyra Phillips? That a Catholic bishop should just chuck 2,000 years of tradition and the teachings of Christ because a minority of people who claim to be Catholic have abandoned the true meaning of marriage?

And, by the way, Bishop Malone is not simply “changing tactics” in his efforts to educate the people of Maine about marriage, he’s expanding and deepening the educational effort — launching a website, for instance, dedicated to the beauty of marriage.

The media has been trying to create this false narrative that Bishop Malone and the diocese of Portland is backing off of its commitment to protect marriage. Bishop Malone sets Kyra Phillips straight on that, too:

Phillips: So, Bishop, let me ask me – ask you. You know, this plan of action has changed quite drastically since 2009, you know, where you had very active campaign. And now you’re moving toward education and putting funds towards that. Are you softening your stance on same-sex marriage?

Bishop Malone: Not at all. It will be even stronger and more vigorous. One of our discoveries in 2009 was that really, many of our Catholic people in Maine could use a bit more profound understanding of how the church has understood marriage for 2,000 years. So, I decided, while we will certainly be in close contact with our allies who will lead the political battle, we intend to focus on the education and formation of consciences of our people.

Bravo, bishop! We’ve got your back.

As for Kyra, quick question: when are you going to ask a pro-abortion faith leader if they’re going to change their views in favor of abortion because a large number of their congregation is pro-life?

Oh that’s right — never, I bet.

Ph/t: NewsBusters



  • Juan Diego

    Catholics your either in or out ! You know right from wrong and if
    you dont we have a Catholic Catechism for Adults.
    Policies would be negotiable.Principles would not be.Dont stumble
    and fall.You have steak-dont take balogna by mistake.Blessings,Juan

  • Bruce Barron

    Marriage is the union of a man and women.It is a natural union for the reproduction of the human species and it requires a man and a woman to raise the children and educate them.The proof of this is self evident once the purpose of the generative faculties are known and the end to which they are directed.Neither homosexuals or lesbians can reproduce or bring into existence new life.
    There is no such thing as traditional marriage-there is just marrige,the definition of which is the union of a man and woman as husband and wife.
    Any law that promotes,protects,or allows such unions is contrary to reason,the natural law,and makes what is evil good.
    Christ raised it to a supernatural union by the institution of the sacrament of matrimony.
    Only in this centruy has such an aberration been brought into existence as homosexual marriage.Even pagans knew better.

    • Patrick

      You are wrong. Marriage is not natural. Marriage occurs nowhere in nature – among animals or plants or humans. Nowhere. Are you thinkng of “mating”? THAT occurs naturally. Not marriage. You cannot conflate marriage and mating, it is illogical and an insult to married people.

      And Christ’s sacramentalizing marriage is as irrelevant to civil laws as is baptism or communion. The idea of it – the practice of it – is lovely for Christians, but is unrelated to the operation of our civil laws.

    • Daniel

      Marriage is the union that creates kinship between two people. It is a union beneficial to the espoused, to their community, and to any children who may become part of their household – BUT – the ability to reproduce is not a prerequisite. The proof of this is self evident when one considers that the marriages of infertile couples enjoy full and equal recognition. Homosexuals and lesbians can bring new life into existence just like any other couple whose biological impediments might be overcome through medical assistance. There is no such thing as “gay marriage” – there is just marriage, the definition of which is commitment between two intimate, loving people to care for one another for the rest of their lives. Any law that prohibits, bans, or prevents such unions is contrary to reason, ignores the realities of nature (human and otherwise), and errantly grants the force of law to an article of faith. Any beliefs about the sacramental nature of matrimony – as well as limitations and prerequisites for entering into this sacramental union – do not require the law of the land to exclude same-sex couples from this legal recognition. Only in this century have we shown such great capacity to recognize that the things that make us different – gender, race, religion, and now sexual orientation – are not justifications for imposing unequal protections of the law. Even Catholics should know better.



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