CNN Anchor Asks Bishop: “Why Not Get On Board” With Same-Sex Marriage?

The condescension of the media is staggering at times:

Seriously, that’s supposed to be a real question, Kyra Phillips? That a Catholic bishop should just chuck 2,000 years of tradition and the teachings of Christ because a minority of people who claim to be Catholic have abandoned the true meaning of marriage?

And, by the way, Bishop Malone is not simply “changing tactics” in his efforts to educate the people of Maine about marriage, he’s expanding and deepening the educational effort — launching a website, for instance, dedicated to the beauty of marriage.

The media has been trying to create this false narrative that Bishop Malone and the diocese of Portland is backing off of its commitment to protect marriage. Bishop Malone sets Kyra Phillips straight on that, too:

Phillips: So, Bishop, let me ask me – ask you. You know, this plan of action has changed quite drastically since 2009, you know, where you had very active campaign. And now you’re moving toward education and putting funds towards that. Are you softening your stance on same-sex marriage?

Bishop Malone: Not at all. It will be even stronger and more vigorous. One of our discoveries in 2009 was that really, many of our Catholic people in Maine could use a bit more profound understanding of how the church has understood marriage for 2,000 years. So, I decided, while we will certainly be in close contact with our allies who will lead the political battle, we intend to focus on the education and formation of consciences of our people.

Bravo, bishop! We’ve got your back.

As for Kyra, quick question: when are you going to ask a pro-abortion faith leader if they’re going to change their views in favor of abortion because a large number of their congregation is pro-life?

Oh that’s right — never, I bet.

Ph/t: NewsBusters



  • Daniel

    Its a shame that video clip is so short, because the bishop said something astounding near the end of the interview. According to the transcript, he said “… we’ve decided this year that our best efforts can be to put our energies and resources into educating our Catholic community better about the very nature of marriage.” This, finally, is an appropriate effort on the part of the church: namely, instructing the faithful.

  • tom

    She should be fired for that Q. That is not to smart of her .

  • Neil

    This is just another example of how the media can twist what people say and feed viewers wrong information so that people will watch the station. The media tells a completly different story than the original.

  • Navymum

    When will they understand that the Catholic Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and God cannot change His mind? An eternal, omniscient God knows everything and sees it all at once: He would never need to change His mind on anything. These little self-important commentators display their ignorance and stupidity every time they open their mouths.

  • Rfd1982

    If these news reporters would read Gods word they would not ask that question. God says, man with man and woman with woman is a sin.

  • Mary

    Kyra, I have an idea for your next interview of a holy man. Ask your local imam why he doesn’t give it up and support same-sex marriage. And while you have his attention, follow up the question with one on birth control and/or abortion. After all, there must be lots of Muslims who are really in favor of these things, right?



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