Combating the Lazy Slander — While Helping and Saving Lives

I suspect it may not be news to many reading this site that pro-lifers care about children — and their parents — long after the point where abortion is a possibility. But some don’t appreciate that — because they don’t know the work of great, generous hearts like Chris and Joan Bell, the Sisters of Life, and so very many more in crisis-pregnancy centers, chancery offices, and parishes around the country. I mention this because we should talk about them and their work more. As well as support them financially and with our time and love and prayers.

I also mention this because when we see something that is good, we should say something. That’s something I’ve tried to do in my latest syndicated column. There is a group of Protestants in Brooklyn looking to start up a charter high school for teen parents — challenging them to truly rise to the responsibility they now have. It seems good. It comes on the heels of the last public schools for pregnant teens closing in New York in 2007. I have the impression they weren’t working anymore (low attendance, students and teaching slots falling through bureaucratic cracks) — but this New Directions school seeks to be just that, a whole new approach. More here if you are interested.

Incidentally, I think that Mike Huckabee-Natalie Portman incident last week was blown a little out of proportion. But I was bummed about what the takeaway from someone who is liable to believe the lazy slander might be.



  • Plavuse

    Ues, but not everthing black and white, something is gray :)




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