Cong. Jan Schakowsky Wants More Federal Funding to Promote Abortion

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  • Margaret B

    Sorry. There is NO difference between pro choice & pro abortion. Gimmie a break. Murder is murder. Any questions?

  • Slats

    It’s “pro-abortion,” people, not “pro-choice.” When some malintentive/malfeasant throws the direly bad-faith “pro-choice” language/philosophical argument at you, simply point to the policy goals sought. “Pro-abortion” is the accurate terminology, and it always was.

  • JohnE

    Something just isn’t right when 1.5 million “agonizing” decisions to kill defenseless babies are made each year in the U.S., and a “leader” defends it as a “right”. If it’s supposedly the responsible thing to do, why is it so agonizing? It’s spooky watching an insane person talk so calmly. Even spookier that many people such as her are elected to lead us.

  • Jordan

    The congresswoman’s stats are flawed. The mortality rate with abortion is 100%. I’ll never understand how this procedure could be considered “health care.”

  • Christine W.

    “It’s all discriminatory against women — and their children.”

    I assume she means the children who happen to survive.

  • ralph Benware

    Archbishop Raymond Burch,s comments on Sister Keehan of CHA are quite
    remarkable and on point. I bless him and thank him.

    Ralph Benware



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