Conservatives are getting sensible about immigration

After the 71%-27% drubbing Romney got from Hispanics, the Republican Party is looking to move quickly to repair their image with this ever-growing voting bloc.

For good reason: Every 60 seconds, another Hispanic turns 18.

Senator-Elect Ted Cruz (endorsed by CV, by the way) said Republicans have to do better with Hispanics and warned that his home state of Texas would become Democratic ‘blue’ soon if they didn’t.

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity announced that he has ‘evolved’ on immigration and that he now supports a pathway to citizenship alongside border security.

Bravo, Sean! (Immigration reform is a subject I’ve written about before.)

But that doesn’t mean all conservatives are getting on the immigration reform bandwagon. Rich Lowry of National Review pushed back at GOP attempts to pass immigration reform, calling it “Amnesty Fantasy.” He wrote:

“It’s one thing to argue that amnesty is the right policy on the merits. It’s another to depict it as the magic key to unlocking the Latino vote. John McCain nearly immolated himself within the Republican party with his support for amnesty and did all of four points better among Latino voters in 2008 than Mitt Romney did in 2012, according to exit polls.”

Lowry gets at a half-truth. Yes, McCain was a strong advocate of comprehensive immigration reform well before his 2008 presidential run and yes, this didn’t do anything to help him win the Hispanic vote.

Well, let’s ask ourselves why.

Think about it. No Republican nominee in 2008 would have done well with the Hispanic vote in 2008 after the heated rhetoric that erupted during the 2006 debate on Bush’s immigration plan. Talk of ‘anchor babies’ and building walls and deportations. It’s amazing we still get over 20%…

Likewise, the 2012 election was going to be difficult for Romney, given his self-deportation line and his strong opposition to Rick Perry’s Dream Act. And pro-life activist Raimundo Rojas can tell you: Romney’s hard-line stance on immigration was widely and repeatedly reported in the Hispanic media.

But I grant Lowry this much: Immigration reform is no silver bullet. We are not going to automatically win over Hispanics by simply passing landmark legislation to deal with our broken immigration system (a failed government program if there ever was one).

Though, I’m not sure anyone is really suggesting that it’s some kind of magic cure all. Most conservative supporters of immigration reform suggest that it’s a ‘gateway issue’ for Latinos. It lets them know if you want them as neighbors. Once you establish that you’re willing to reasonably work on a solution to the problem, then they will listen to you about other issues. But as conservative activist Grover Norquist noted, it’s hard to talk to them about your favorite issue if they think you want to deport their sister.

And I, for one, want us all to welcome Hispanics to the pro-life and pro-family movement. We need to keep growing our cause. And how can one really think about the Catholic vote in the United States without thinking about the Hispanic vote?

Hispanics are strongly pro-life and pro-family. They have a strong work ethic and are very entrepreneurial. Ronald Reagan, who served as Governor of California, famously said: “Latinos are Republican — they just don’t know it yet.”

So let’s begin the process of welcoming them and working with them. We at CatholicVote already have. Before the election, we launched It’s a modest first step. And there’s more work to do. But it’s gotta start somewhere.



  • Joe M

    Maybe peace would have broken out with a different kind of White House, one less committed to waging a perpetual campaign–a White House that would see a 51-48 victory as a call to humility and compromise rather than an irrefutable mandate.

  • Me and Folly

    Related visual presentation of the conundrum you are discussing…

  • green125

    I lost my dad and most of my family to Obama. I guess they were bombarded by so many anti Romney ads. I didnt see one Romney ad that hit the heart. …..

    • green125

      I also heard some idiot on the ABC news on Sunday that this conflict isnt “about a few radio ads”… this boob doesn’t know what he is talking about. On every single commmercial break on Spanish television channels there were a bunch, many of Obama ads. Attack after attack on Romney. The ads showed Romney as a person who hates latinos. There was no rebuttal from Romney.

  • Let Peeps Vote

    Another day without posts at catholic vote. Can’t pay your writers after your loss at the polls?

    • NOM is a HATE GROUP

      The hate group that funds this site is going out of business.

    • Pink Lady

      It’s been three days without a post. Did they lay-off all their writers now that funding has dried up?

  • Laurie

    Sorry for the typos (children born out of wedlock) and “vote for” instead of “vote of”

  • Laurie

    Why do Catholics think that the way to attract so called Catholics is to appease them? Hispanic Catholics did not vote their faith because their faith is not strong. I understand why hispanics want to come into this country but there is a legal honest way and a dishonest way. Why can’t we call truth, truth? I honestly think a republican or an alternative conservative party will never be elected again. We have become a country that wants no responsibilty. No responsibility in following laws, no responsibility of working hard and paying your own way and most importantly no responsibility for our moral behaviour. The church needs to be our moral compass and stop picking political parties. This democratic party has been successful in getting more programs and funds to so many of the so called poor and underprivleged. What is the result? Generations of welfare recipients, and less and less responsibility toward improving themselves both financially and morally. Where is the message about God in a welfare check or free birth control? The truth is blacks and hispanics make up the largest percentage of abortions and of children married out of wedlock. Their morals have been corrupted by a gimme society and a church unwilling to speak moral truth to us all. Why would a hispanic vote of half of a lottery card when they can receive the full jackpot voting democrat?

    • america111

      BINGO! Their morals have been corrupted. the liberals comunistas know that is how they get votes. it happened in Venezuela too. Give handouts for votes. Our only hope is the churches, teaching them, unfortunatelly we have dioceses and priests doing a social justice political agenda, not christianity.



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