Conspiracy theories, pop culture and Matthew 7:16


If you watched Beyonce’s raunchy, half-naked performance at the Super Bowl, chances are you saw her hold up her hands in the shape of a diamond. Though seemingly harmless, Beyonce’s hand gesture set off a tidal wave of commentary, primarily from conspiracy theorists, who think it was a covert way of showing her allegiance to the Illuminati, a secret society that – in association with Freemasons (a group that has been condemned by the Church since the 19th century) – has allegedly played a key role in determining world affairs since the 1770s.

The prevailing wisdom, however, is that Beyonce simply wanted to pay respect to her husband Jay-Z, a rapper who uses the symbol to promote Roc-A-Fella Records, a company he started in 1996.


While it’s undeniable Jay-Z has relied on that hand gesture throughout his career, that doesn’t mean it’s not an Illuminati reference. Nor is Jay-Z the first, or the last, to ever use it. There have been countless celebrities, musicians and athletes who have flashed it before, during and after their performances.

LeBron James

Over the years, a continued reliance on strange yet very similar imagery by Hollywood and global leaders has lead some to believe that the most influential politicians and entertainers belong to a secret Satanic society; entertainers like The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, who in this interview with 60 Minutes seemingly admits to selling his soul to the devil.

Now, it very may well be the case that A TON of celebrities just have a really strange fetish with the same hand gesture, and that Bob Dylan is suffering from old age. But is it so unbelievable to think very powerful people are in cahoots with each other, and are conspiring with one another in politics and the entertainment industry?

Ben Stiller

Speaking from a purely practical standpoint, I find it hard to believe super powerful people wouldn’t band together for their mutual benefit. After all, there are already closed door meetings that take place among global economic leaders in Davos, Switzerland every year. The Bohemian Grove club in Monte Rio, California has also been known to provide the rich and powerful with a place to congregate.

While it might seem far-fetched to think someone could actually sell their soul to the devil, it’s not inconceivable. Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan on three separate occasions. During the last temptation, Satan told Jesus he would give Him all the kingdoms of the world if He would just kneel down and worship him. Jesus obviously refuses and Satan departs from His presence.

Kanye West and Tom Cruise

The Bible makes several other references to Satan’s presence on earth as well. In fact, Jesus is quite explicit in the Gospel of John in suggesting that Satan is the ruler of this world and that many will follow his ways. The 1st Letter of John and Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians also warn about Satan’s power on earth.

In many ways I am reminded of Matthew 7:16: “By their fruits you shall know them.” Can anyone honestly say that the invective lyrics, trance-inducing melodies, debaucherous performances, and seductive outfits of top pop culture icons bring us closer to God? Do Hollywood films that glorify guns, sex and drugs make us better people? Do television shows that drone on about one-night stands, binge drinking and pointless chatter help us grow stronger in our faith?

The answer is no. They don’t. They desensitize us from what should be considered sinful, offensive and wrong. They set us down a path that glorifies man over God. And they distract us from what we must do in order to obtain eternal salvation. This is most certainly not the work of God.



  • Just me

    All you need to do, is read the book, “Hope of the wicked” by Ted Flynn for the naysayers. And quit being sheeple.

  • William

    Yikes, you’ve gone pretty far off the deep end with some of this.

  • Frantastic1

    I honestly am having a hard time with this post. I either think you are joking, or don’t have a firm grip on what is real and what is made up. I will pray about this.

    • abadilla

      Could it be it is Hollywood that doesn’t have a firm grip on what is real and what is not? Hollywood is a wasteland of religious ignorance and it isn’t surprising they make signs they don’t know the meaning of. However, in the last two to three paragraphs the writer lets you and all readers know, what is wrong with Hollywood.

      • Frantastic1

        Wow. I didn’t know how much crazy was here.

        • abadilla

          Now you, Mr. Know it all, and it is up to you to continue to communicate with “crazy” people or not.
          How arrogant of you to call “crazy” people you disagree with.

          • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

            J.M.J. This is that typical lack of courtesy so evident in our world today.

          • abadilla

            Monsignor, imagine someone walking into your rectory and telling you, you are “crazy,” simply because of what you believe. Would you then feel like having a dialogue with that person? Of course not.
            Some folks here are not even willing to listen or to read deeply in order to understand what a poster writes, and yes, I agree with you it is a sign of “lack of courtesy” today.

        • Tyler Nethercott

          I recommend you read my response to Greg.
          And I would side with Abadilla that ad hominem is usually the first sign of concession that the other person is right or that you are in fact feeling threatened in your position.

          • Frantastic1

            It wasn’t an ad hominem statement. I really just don’t know how to respond. It’s so far from reality that there just isn’t a logical response at all.

  • Greg Smith

    Stephen … Do you really believe this stuff? The Illuminati? Those stuffy republicans that urinate on trees in the Bohemian Club get togethers? As a political scientist, can you back up any of this speculation? ~ Pax, Greg Smith

    • Tyler Nethercott


      Pax tecum.

      Do you really find it so incredible, as Mr. Kokx points out, that people could be conspiring against both God and man for power? Any even basic perusal of Sacred Scripture shows that we are at odds not with man but with the principalities and powers of darkness. Any groups collectively calling upon the esoteric illumination of Lucifer are almost certain to be granted their wish in exchange for their souls. This is not hokey pokey or laughable hocus pocus. It is real, and the Church has always taught it so.

      I am not sure if you think that the illuminati is not real? Is that what you are doubting? Or that it still exists…?
      Google it for its origins, but it is not a mere theory that it was started by Adam Weishaupt and soon thereafter overtook many of the masonic lodges in Europe.

      Jay-Z has a song called “D’Evils” in which he references the illuminati.
      Jay-Z, in fact, has a song called “Lucifer” as well…
      You can Google the lyrics for yourself, but as an example, “so curse the day that birthed the bastard who caused your church mass, reverse the crash…”

      If Satan offered Jesus everything in the desert should be just bow down and worship him, how is it then so incredible to you that other humans doing this would be granted almost unlimited wicked power by the prince of this world?

      There are people who thought it was comical when the “kooks” from the pub came and told them that some guy named Adolf was planning a tyrannical overthrow of the German government. There were other “delusional wingnuts” who were accused of having drank too much vodka or spending too much time in the cold heart of Russia when they discussed the potential Bolshevik uprising.

      How about the faithful French Catholics labeled as “crazies” who foresaw the wicked French Revolution? This is only going back a couple centuries! Trace it back even since the time of Christ, if you will. Or read just the first 3-4 chapters of 1 Maccabees. Actually even just the first chapter and you will see how eerily comparable it is to today.
      Nero lined the path to his palace with the burning bodies of Catholic human torches.

      Now I am of course operating under the assumption that you are Catholic which is why you are on this web site (and based on your pax comment). The Holy Fathers have repeatedly warned of the dangers and diabolical nature of freemasonry.
      At least 8 different popes have written explicitly on it not to mention others condemning their principles or secret societies in general.

      Side note, this does not mean all freemasons are diabolical. In fact, only a small portion probably know about the 33rd degree Luciferianism at its core.
      Rosicrucians, Hellfire Club, Skull and Bones, and even yes Bohemian Grove are all fruits of the same tree (no grove pun intended). Wicked fruits. And by their fruits we shall know them.

      If you are somehow trying to separate your “political scientist” self from your Catholic self, I recommend heeding the words of Pope St. Pius X:
      “I condemn and reject the opinion of those who say that a well-educated Christian assumes a dual personality-that of a believer and at the same time of a historian, as if it were permissible for a historian to hold things that contradict the faith…”

      I do not know your behavioral habits…but if you find it so unbelievable, I really recommend that you spend some time in prayer asking why it is you feel that way. If you commonly listen to secular music or watch a lot (or even a little) television, a good lenten exercise would be to turn both of those off in exchange for silence, or perhaps Gregorian Chant. There’s a lot of subliminal messaging hidden in today’s media that we don’t realize is affecting us until we have weened ourselves off of it.

      I made this change a little over a year ago, and it is only by the grace of God that I boast that God has removed a significantly thick layer of cataracts from my eyes to bestow – through the Holy Ghost – the gifts of counsel, fortitude and fear of the Lord (to recognize sin and evil and to avoid it).

      Don’t mistake me for the pharisee next to the publican. Our Lord knows I still have many beams and the unhealed wounds of others since removed to work on.

      God Bless you in your discernment.

      Ad Iesum per Mariam,




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