Contraception in the Garden

Ignatius Press just sent me galleys for Mary Eberstadt’s forthcoming book, Adam and Eve After the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution.

I can’t review it, because I’m thanked so prominently—far beyond my deserts—in the acknowledgements. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend it, and, man, do I ever. This is brilliant, serious work of the kind we’ve needed for decades, and it’s also entirely accessible, even winsome, in its prose.

Eberstadt argues that there exist two propositions “that are—or ought to be—deeply troubling to serious people.”

First, and contrary to conventional depiction, the sexual revolution has proved a disaster for many men and women; and second, its weight has fallen heaviest on the smallest and weakest shoulders in society—even as it has given extra strength to those already strongest and most predatory.

For decades now, and apparently out of view of many people telling the tale, a compelling record has been building of the real costs that have been mounting since procreation became so effectively amputated from sexual behavior for so many people. It is a record rich now in detail from a variety of sources ranging from the social sciences—especially psychology and sociology—to more microscopic accounts of the revolution’s real and permanent consequences in many lives.

In the midst of the action from HHS, requiring health plans to pay for the Pill, you need to pre-order the book, now.



  • Panda Rosa

    This reminds me of the folktales I heard in school, in a less PC-enlightened time. Basically a choice was given to Adam and Eve: to live forever, albeit without children, or to die, and have children (and grandchildren, and so on) to remember them and carry on their line in God’s name.
    Needless to say, the harder, sadder, and better choice was made.

  • don

    contraception and abortion divorses the human race from the law of God,nature.and western Christian, to embrace pagan despotic Marxism, isn’t that what women’s liberation all about,”I will not do the will of God” I will be self serving instead of God serving

    to Know God through His Church
    to love God by keeping His Commandments
    to serve God by doing His Will



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