Couple laments that it’s difficult to abort their child

The media always tries to find a personal angle to a story. Usually, though, they realize not to try this for the issue of abortion. Best to drown the discussion in euphemisms, right?

Well, the Texas Tribune drove right past those warning signs and released this interview with a Texas couple lamenting how difficult it is to abort their baby. Scary stuff:

My friend Mollie Hemingway said of the video: “I think Texas Tribune tried to make a big pro-choice video but accidentally made a big pro-life video.”

UPDATE: Some have pushed back at me for quoting Mollie’s comments on this video. Neither Mollie nor I were suggesting this was a positive pro-life video. I thought that would have been obvious.

This video is not a parody. It’s an actual interview of a couple in Texas who are upfront about their desire to abort their child. It provides a revealing and scary look at how some people on the other side look at unborn life. It reminds me of our expose video at the Planned Parenthood rally in Chicago two years ago.

If we want to transform our society into a Culture of Life, we first need to better understand it.



  • Jack Mercica

    Unbelievable. To see the totally insensitive, dialogue between these two individuals who were only concerned about their self-interests and no regard for the life of their unborn baby. It was as if their preborn was a total non-entity. How could such educated people disregard facts that even a 3rd grade biology student knows. It is a human life.

  • Antonio A. Badilla

    Amazing, truly amazing to watch. This couple, who obviously lives comfortably, rejects the fruit of their love, and they talk about bringing a new life into this world as if it were a tragedy, so they decided to kill the unborn in her womb. It is truly sickening to hear them talk about “rights” and Texas practically being backward simply because the State opposes the butchery of the unborn. I hope some day this couple will see this video again and realize how wrong they were and I hope God will still give them the opportunity to bring new life into the world or to adopt. This is a typical example of the culture of death.

  • Francis

    “It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

  • Kathleen K

    Once a woman conceives, it’s NOT HER BODY anymore! It’s the lifeline to a new life within her and she has NO RIGHT to take that away! Abortion is the same as holding a gun to toddler’s head and pulling the trigger, as abortion is killing the baby just in another stage of LIFE, that’s all. It is a selfish, narcissistic act and nothing more. And I am sickened by this couple and their disgustingly selfish attitude!

  • Jarhead1972

    You can tell from their accent that they are not Texans. He said he grew up in Texas, but I hear no twang and twang is Texan. I am appalled that people can be so self centered that they could take the life of their child so that they won’t be inconvenienced. How absolutely horrible. They are monsters. They speak of healthcare and what they are talking about is the murder of an innocent.

  • gin

    I agree with Linda’s comment



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