Criticism of Catholic Care Continues in Kentucky

Pro-abortion and anti-fertility advocates in Kentucky continue to wage battle against a merger in which Catholic hospitals are graciously bailing out the failing University Hospital in Louisville.  The anti-life advocates want to force the Catholic owned entity to facilitate abortions, sterilizations and the like. 

The merger would combine Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Hospitals with University Hospital. 

University officials insist “the merger is a financial necessity. They don’t have a backup plan to remain financially stable if it isn’t approved.”   The Catholic hospitals in this merger are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort to make the hospital facilities better and to offer real medical care in a better way to the community.

And yet, the only thing that pro-abortion activitsts can do is clamor for abortion and sterilization. Governmental and non-governmental pro-abortion extremists are in an uproar about the prospect that this new entity, which the Catholic hospitals will pay handily for to own a large majority of, will actually abide by Catholic practice and not perform abortions, sterilizations or the like.

They even had a committee hearing yesterday in the Kentucky General Assembly on this issue, complete with a grilling of merger officials about where, o! where, will people get their anti-life and anti-fertility procedures!

What’s worse, the attack was led in the Assembly side by a so-called Catholic, State Rep. Tom Burch, who “opposes the merger for the same reason” as pro-abortion activists do and who declared that “As a conscientious Catholic, I have an obligation to my constituents and to the people of Kentucky (to see that) that they do not fall under dictates that they do not believe in.” 

Aren’t you glad that there are Catholic politicians out there willing to take a stand for death and barrenness!

Thankfully, the Diocese of Louisville is headed by a great man.  Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville is Vice President of the USCCB and has been a national champion on social issues, in particular on marriage.  The Archbishop declared very clearly and calmly that “If something calls itself a Catholic ministry, it is the responsibility of the bishop to ensure as best we can that that indeed is an accurate title.” 

In his article in the archdiocesean paper on August 5, Archbishop Kurtz added poignantly: “Does it truly serve the common good to require us or any health care provider to violate important issues of conscience or principle in order to provide for the health of persons within our community?” 

News articles indicate that members of the University, such as doctors at the med school, are not themselves being merged so they will plan to do their anti-life and anti-fertility procedures elsewhere.  Even that, however, isn’t enough for pro-death extremists.  They want to force the Catholic entities to participate, on the Catholic hospital’s dime.



  • Davide

    @ Hi Matt thanks for the article, but how exactly is a Catholic hospital “forced” to perform abortions? They aren’t. There is absolutely no one way can a Catholic hospital be forced to kill babies, unless they willingly and purposely choose to do so. What theses hospitals will do is threaten shutdown. If they are “force” to perform abortions they have no choice but to lay everyone off, turn off the lights, lock the doors and go home. Be a cold day in Hell Catholic hospitals are accomplices to murder.

  • David

    I actually am concerned about this situation. This is apparently the only emergency hospital in this town. What happens if a woman is taken to this hospital under emergency conditions and is refused certain services as a result. The original article references a C-section and sterilization which are often done together especially when the pregnancy includes hypertension as future pregnancies are incredibly risky to a mothers life after a hypertensive pregnancy. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect non-Catholics to understand that the hospital would be unwilling to do such a procedure and it puts this hospital and Catholics in a horrible position where we must refuse to do a procedure that most reasonable people would consider as protecting the mothers life.

    • Whitney

      So we should compromise on life when it’s not a Catholic patient? I find it interesting that you explain the sterilization procedure above as “protecting the mother’s life.” Since when are future pregnancies the doctor’s decision? Many women get abortions or use contraception to protect their lifestyles. They show that they are not open to life, therefore they put their soul in mortal danger. A sterilization, done under the excuse of possible future danger, is the same thing, but more permanent. A good Catholic woman would practice natural family planning or abstinence if necessary, but would remain “open to life” by not mutilating her body and becoming sterile. A future pregnancy in this case would still be welcomed as a blessing from God, albeit with its own unique challenges. NEVER deem to put the life of the mother before the life of the unborn, innocent babies.

  • Sandra

    What a fabulous idea! We can’t change Roe v. Wade and make abortion and contraception illegal, but we can buy up all the hospitals in certain areas and cease doing abortions or offering birth control. Same thing! No legal abortions or birth contol available to the people of Kentucky. We can force everyone to live by our beliefs even when they aren’t catholic, AND they are going to pay us to do it! I’m really excited about this approach.

    • Whitney

      So am I. This is capitalism and the free market in action. The nation clamors for pro-life driven healthcare. Note that the abortionist hospitals are failing, while being bailed out by Catholic hospitals! If leftists want abortion factory hospitals so badly, they can pay for them out of their own pocket – and it looks like they are becoming less and less able to do so. Let us pray that Catholic hospitals become the predominant (or ONLY!) type of hospital in Kentucky and eventually the nation. We will have to fight, though, when 0bama tries to pass laws forcing Catholic hospitals to abandon their pro-life stance. Prepare yourselves.



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