Crystal [large worship space] to become, at last, a cathedral.

Crystal Cathedral

The exteriors of Crystal Cathedral. Garden Grove, CA, USA. by Arnold C

Not sure what the designation will be, since “Christ the Light” is taken by the, erm, innovative new cathedral in Oakland, but at least the large glass, steel, and concrete worship space designated “Crystal Cathedral” for so long will finally be a cathedral.

The Diocese of Orange County just bought it, and after necessary renovations to make it Catholic—tabernacle, high altar, baptismal font, and the actual cathedra that makes it a “cathedral”—the diocese will have spent just about the same amount they would have on any new cathedral they were planning to build anyhow.

The edifice itself is, well, striking. Of course it’s not cruciform, but what church built between 1950 and 2000 was? I’ll be interested to see what modifications the diocese undertakes to make it a distinctively Catholic worship space.

But at any rate, one instance of that oddity that is a cathedral lacking a cathedra is “coming into the Church,” and will receive its long-awaited cathedra.

Hopefully, prayerfully, this turn of events, prophetic as it is, might have some coattails and draw some of the faithful formerly committed to Crystal Cathedral Ministries and the Schullers to look into the fullness of truth that Catholicism offers and will bring to their beloved edifice.





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