Cuomo says pro-lifers not welcome in New York, Jindal invites them to Louisiana


Governor Bobby Jindal (pictured on the right) is letting pro-life New Yorkers know that they will feel right at home in his state of Louisiana.

“Hey displaced and persecuted New Yorkers… You can find refuge, loving people, and great food in Louisiana,” Gov. Jindal said on his Facebook wall.

Jindal’s offer comes in response to the radical remarks made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last Friday.

Sounding like a Soviet Commissar, Cuomo said that holding certain opinions means you should not live in the Empire State. 

“If they are extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York,” Cuomo said in a radio interview

The Buffalo News reports that Cuomo defined “extreme conservatism” as being “anti-gay” by opposing same-sex marriage, opposing legal abortion, and favoring legalization of assault weapons.

Cuomo claims to be Catholic despite his strident support for abortion and same-sex marriage. He remains a scandal to the Catholic faithful. His father Mario Cuomo served as Governor of New York from 1983-1994, but is better known in Catholic circles for promoting the canard of being ‘personally opposed’ to abortion but unable to ‘impose’ that ‘religious’ view on others. (I wrote about both Cuomo men here.)

Unlike Cuomo, Bobby Jindal is a Catholic politician we can proud of. He is pro-life, pro-marriage, and has been a strong advocate of school choice. Glad to see him respond to Cuomo’s nasty remarks with welcoming arms.


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  • Jess

    I live in New York and a staunch pro-life, anti-gay, and Cuomo’s remarks offend and…let’s face it…scare me. But the question is – why has our Cardinal Dolan been silent about this?

  • Christina

    All those who are pro-life, anti gay marriage , devout Catholics, conservatives, Republicans, should send their tax dollars to Louisiana , where your views are accepted. In fact, boycott NY all together. Don’t shop, eat, or vacation the good Governor said …there is NO place for you in NYS!

  • Michael FIOLA

    The blatant and diabolical anti-Catholic views of such well known public figures, can only be attributed to their recognizing that the Church is the last fortress of truth! We are becoming a nation who will ‘tolerate’ only the views of those we agree with……

  • George Rivera, Jr.

    Don, you could relive much of your confusion on the life issue by reading the teachings in the Bible on legal killings. A good place to start with is the Ten Commandments, where it says thou shall not murder – it does not say thou shall not kill. A subtle difference to some, perhaps, yet all of the difference in the world.



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