Video: The Dream 2010 (Watch/Share!)

The Catholic Vote team has been hard at work preparing for this day – the launch of our new website design, political endorsements page and now … the first installment in a series of videos to inspire political involvement and action in 2010! (Read the email notice our president Brian Burch just sent to the CatholicVote community here.)

Please help us spread the word“Like” and view this on YouTube, share it with your friends on Facebook, email it to your family, set it as your Gchat status – anything and everything you can do to help us inspire and educate Catholics to make their unique contribution to the politics of the America we love!

And please, help support our efforts at CatholicVote right here, right now. All of this technology and high-quality multimedia does not come free and we are proud to be a grassroots-supported organization.



  • Vincent

    Really? Not even the slightest hint of shame or sense of irony in setting audio of MLK over video of American military jets, veterans marching in a parade, and soldiers in uniform? King devoted his life to responding to injustice and murderous hatred with nonviolence. Do you not even have any sense of cognitive dissonance in invoking his words “free at last” to call for greater freedom from government intervention in the economy? King labored to promote economic justice including petitioning the government to intervene on behalf of the poor. To usurp his words to support a political platform of laissez-faire capitalism and militarism is dishonest, dishonorable, and despicable. Furthermore, it isn’t remotely Catholic. Pope Benedict has repeatedly talked about the need for government to play a role in redistributing wealth, and nearly every word he has had to say about war has been to condemn it. He has called for nations to spend less on weapons and more on promoting justice for the poor.

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