CV365 is a national movement dedicated to living out the virtues of faith, hope,
and charity in the world. Filled with zeal for our Faith and dedicated to renewing
the foundations of our nation, we hope to rebuild civil society from the ground up.



  1. Pray & Fast for Peace (808 PLEDGES)
  2. Volunteer at a Pregnancy Center (694 PLEDGES)
  3. Donate garden harvest to a local community shelter (629 PLEDGES)
  4. Take dinner to a family in need (606 PLEDGES)
  5. Watch your favorite Catholic movie with you children (510 PLEDGES)

CV365 is a movement

In the upper room over 2,000 years ago, the Holy Spirit descended upon
the first Apostles and filled them with spiritual gifts that set them on fire
for the Gospel. We have been equipped by the grace of the Sacraments
to do the same in the midst of our daily lives. By living out more fully
our Christian vocations, we also contribute to a culture and civil society
that make possible real freedom and limited government.

CV365 is a project of We affirm the foundational role
of life, faith, and family in public life. We also believe our government tries
to do too much, is failing our citizens (especially the poor and vulnerable),
and has become dangerously coercive. How do we fix this?
Politics is important, but it’s not the only answer.

Big government is not the answer‒ we are. The freedom and the will to love
is the answer. Be the Catholic vote every day!

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How will you make a difference? Pray, act, and help spread the word.
You didn’t arrive on this website by accident. Select one of the ideas below,
or enter your own.

Pray & Fast for Peace
Volunteer at a Pregnancy Center
Read a book on religious liberty such as Cardinal Dolan'sTrue Freedom
Say a Novena for all those attending World Youth Day
Hour of Adoration for the Holy Father's intentions
Attend or host a Bible study at your church
Read a verse from Psalms before dinner each night
Perform a fast for religious freedom
Spend an extra 30 minutes with your children each night
Joyfully care for aging relatives
take dinner to a family in need
Spend 15 minutes in reflection each day
Donate garden harvest to a local community shelter
invite a friend to go to church
Teach others about the movement to protect life
Help a child through Catholic School
Offer your help to new parents within your parish
Watch your favorite Catholic movie with you children

Satisfied with your pledge? Good. Simply enter your email address,
and click Submit. The easy part is done. You’ll be part of CV365 family.

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together, We’re making a difference

CV365 is already having a positive impact in local communities all over
the world. Read other people’s stories and suggestions, offer advice and
encouragement and discover new ways you can participate. You can also
submit your own success story, no matter how small!