Dan McInerny and “High Concepts”

Well, I must admit, I’m generally attracted to good writing, whether I agree with the viewpoints expressed or not.  I also appreciate meeting fascinating persons and maintaining a friendship with such folks.

In the case of Professor Daniel McInerny, one can have both excellent writing and high friendship.

And, for better or worse (well, for Dan, at least), I also really agree with what he writes.

Dan, formerly of the U. of Notre Dame and now of Baylor, has started his own blog, “High Concepts,” and it’s well worth checking out.  His most current post, “Fairy Tales and Holy Week” makes me want to reread Dante as soon as possible.  It also deepens as well as broadens my understanding of this Holy Week.

Please enjoy the humane and spirited writing of this Baylor U. Thomist and Maritain Scholar, Dan McInerny.  His move from northern Indiana to northern Texas has only improved his soul and its many expressions in this fallen world.

Thank you, Dan.  Please, keep writing!



  • Tito Edwards

    I started reading his blog a couple months ago, good stuff.

    Transforming our secularist culture to a Catholic culture begins with showing the beauty of Truth, and his blog that examines the film industry is a step in the right direction.



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