Day One: Benedict in Brazil

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Pope Benedict begins his sixth apostolic journey today, his first papal trip outside of Europe (excluding Turkey), to the most populous Catholic country in the world, Brazil. Please stay tuned for complete coverage.

Today’s papal itinerary (all times EST):

4:30 – Arrival at the International Airport of S?lt;/span> Paulo/Guarulhos.
Welcome ceremony at the International Airport of S?lt;/span> Paulo/Guarulhos [Papal address]
5:30 – Transfer by helicopter from the International Airport of S?lt;/span> Paulo/Guarulhos to the Campo de Marte Airport in S?lt;/span> Paulo
6:00 – Arrival at Campo de Marte Airport in S?lt;/span> Paulo. Welcome by the local authorities
6:10 – Transfer by “popemobile” from Campo de Marte Airport to the Monastery of S?lt;/span> Bento in S?lt;/span> Paulo
6:45 – Arrival to the Monastery of S?lt;/span> Bento in S?lt;/span> Paulo
Greeting and blessing from the balcony of the Monastery of S?lt;/span> Bento in S?lt;/span> Paulo [Papal address]

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From this morning’s Vatican Information Service:

VATICAN CITY, MAY 9, 2007 (VIS) – At 9 a.m. this morning, the Pope departed by plane from Rome’s Fiumicino airport bound for Brazil. The 9,477-kilometer flight is expected to last twelve and a half hours and the papal plane is scheduled to land at the international airport of Sao Paulo / Guarulhos in Brazil at 4.30 p.m. local time, 9.30 p.m. in Rome.

The Holy Father will be greeted at the airport by Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the president of the Federal Republic of Brazil. Following the welcome ceremony, during which Benedict XVI will deliver a talk, the Pope will travel by helicopter to the “Campo de Marte” airport where he will be received by the local authorities.

At 6.10 p.m. (11.10 p.m. in Rome), the Holy Father will travel by popemobile to the monastery of Sao Bento where he will be staying during his time in Sao Paulo. The complex of buildings includes, apart from the Benedictine monastery, the Sao Benito College, one of the most prestigious schools in Sao Paulo, and the basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption.

Following a moment of prayer in the monastery’s chapel, the Pope will appear at the balcony to greet and bless the faithful gathered below.

The rest:

Special thanks to Amy Welborn and Domenico Bettinelli for inviting their readers to my coverage. Special thanks also to Teresa Benedetta and the other regular contributors of the PapaRatzingerForum n> for their incredible industry and dedication to all things Papa Benny!

Note: For the especially-motivated, even more interesting facts, photos & video here.

Note 2: I’ll be posting comments in the comment box below as I watch live TV coverage of the Pope today. You are more than welcome to do the same!

[photo credit: REUTERS/Dario Pignatelli (ITALY)]
[photp captions: (1) Pope Benedict XVI descends from his personal helicopter as he arrives at Rome’s Fiumicino International airport to leave for Brazil. (2) The Alitalia Boeing 777-200 plane, with Pope Benedict XVI onboard, leaves the Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci international airport. (3) Pope Benedict XVI boards an Alitalia Boeing 777-200 plane at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci international airport.]



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