DC Intern Mugged While Praying Rosary: “I Credit My Life to Mary’s Intercession.”

Every summer Washington DC is inundated with interns, who often don’t realize how unsafe this city can still be in many places.

Thankfully – this young woman was prepared, at least spiritually:

[A] Washington Examiner intern was injured during a mugging and shooting in Tenleytown.

The 21-year-old intern, who is not being identified by name, was assaulted while walking home from the Tenleytown Metro station around 12:30 a.m. She was praying the rosary to clear her mind along 42nd and Albermarle streets NW when a man approached from the shadows and displayed a silver handgun.

“Don’t run or I’ll kill you,” he said.

The man grabbed at her purse, but she was too scared to relinquish it.

“I wanted to let it go, but I was shaking and in shock,” she said.

That’s when the man punched her under the neck with his gun and the weapon fired a shot. She screamed as loud as she could and ran, the rosary still clenched in her fist.

“I couldn’t tell if I was shot,” she said. “I just screamed incredibly loud.”

The gunman fled in a different direction with her purse.

… A police officer found the intern and police quickly determined that she had been attacked by the man they were looking for. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for powder burns on her neck and a large bruise.

The rosary was the only valuable the gunman didn’t take. “I honestly credit my life being saved to Mary’s intercession,” she said. [Washington Examiner]

Please pray for this young woman’s recovery, and for the apprehending of the culprit.

Ph/t: The Courtier’s tweet.



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  • dymphna

    Of course you can get mugged in Tenleytown. If you were a thief would you go to the slums or would you go to the part of town where the rich folks are? Tenleytown is sort of odd. There is a lot of money there but things are seedy just a few blocks away and there are a lot of homeless men roaming around the area.



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