Dear Catholics United and Nuns on teh Bus: Your Move.

Catholics United featured these two items on their website over the last few weeks:

and Sister Simone for Pope? Sister Simone is teh awesome social justice person.



The cardinals just elected:

Servus Pauperum Dei


Your move.

  • Rich Ketter

    Shame on you by using the Pope’s election for a cheap joke. Will you ever stop acting like some undisciplined adolescent with issues about women in the Church.
    Pope Francis would not be amused by your attempt at humor. And neither should any of your readers.
    When you get a reputation of true service and not just a Computer repairman at a third rate university, then maybe you can criticize the servants of God, who live vows and do great work OF the Church. Your work is only to continue to divide it, and to think that God wants your division more than any other. Perhaps it would be good for you to read about Jesus, and stopped pressing the send button on the computer.

    • Tom Crowe

      Oh, Rich. “Rich” is more than your name: it is the perfect adjective for your comments.

    • Regina Weiner

      Rich–I don’t think this was a humorous article at all. The Nuns on the Bus are the joke. They are barely even Catholic, and they are shills for the Demcratic party.

      Pope Francis has talked the talk and walked the walk. Being a woman in the Catholic Church, I got over the priest issues in 5th grade, and since then have understood that there are many things in the Church that women can do and men cannot. They cannot even say Mass unless we’ve washed and pressed the linens.

    • Karen


      This isn’t a joke at all. This is a serious problem in the American Catholic Church that MSM uses apostates such as Sister Simone and (2 nuns in all) on a bus to propagate the liberal agenda. Ironically you laud the selection of Pope Francis for good reasons yet are blind to the fact that he will be reformer of heretical groups such as Sister Simone’s and Catholics United. As a Jesuit he was persecuted amongst his own order for standing for the TRUTH and defying the SJs tendency to liberalism and the inability to provide an authentic Catholic witness. There is no compromise with the truth. For reference I recommend where daily messages from Christ, the Blessed Mother, and other saints to a very holy woman who is a mystic in Ohio.

      Finally, as faithful Catholics we must understand ultimate obedience and humility to the Magisterium. Your supposition that the writer has issuess with women because he is pointing out these “catholic” nuns who espouse doctrine in direct violation of the tenets of our faith” is quite a reach coming from a woman. As St. Paul said….there are different members to the body of Christ..we couldn’t all by eyes or ears etc. A body would not be a body if it were composed of all arms, or missing a head, or the hands wanted to be feet…
      God Bless, Karen


      Rich ~ Personal insults do nothing to contribute to the conversation or, for that matter, build the Kingdom of God. Pax, ~ Greg

    • C. LaSalle

      Rich, take a breath and relax dude!
      If anyone has worked to divide the great work of the church it is the ‘nun’ on the bus crowed.

      It’s one thing to draw away from the Church but when you lead others down that road with you. Well, I just wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

  • JB

    How about if their “move” is out of the Church entirely? Heretics.

    • Rich Ketter

      How can you claim Catholicism when Jesus prayed that we all be one. Which requires your conversion as well.

  • James

    The “Catholics” at Catholics United must be sad that the new Pope endorses traditional morality.


      Actually James, he got pretty high marks from the Catholics United head honco. Please, mellow out. ~ Pax tecum, James

      • James

        Yes, I saw that, which runs counter to some of the stances taken by Catholics United regarding Church Teaching.

        • Joe M

          Even the “high marks” statement runs contrary to Church Teaching. It undermines the mission of the Church for leaders of Catholics United to proclaim that “there is still a home” for Catholics in the Church due to the election of Pope Francis.

          Why on earth does the leader of Catholics United think that he decides for Catholics whether or not they should continue to be faithful to the Church and Pope?

          • Rich Ketter

            Probably the same reason that you think you get to make that decision for others.
            Thanks for the laugh.

          • Joe M

            I don’t think that at all.

            As a Catholic, I think that I should humbly listen to the message of the Church and Pope. Not send threats and messages about how I think things should be run.

            Can you point to where I have suggested otherwise?

        • Rich Ketter

          Actually he understands morality is not just sexual morality, and understands social sin. he further hates clericalism and clerical priviledge.
          When he changes in his red shoes for sandels, remember that you will still be welcome.

      • James

        Keep in mind, sister Simone Campbell was quoted as agnostic on [abortion] on the DNC. The fact Catholic United holds her up, speaks volume. Pope Francis represents the full beauty of Catholic Teaching.

        • Rich Ketter

          And the new Pope calls you away from your arrogance and judgement to be more like him. Which is why he is not seen as a traditionalist, but a Pope.

          • Joe M

            I don’t think that the new Pope would entertain the problematic argument that you came up with: judging that James judges too much.

          • C. LaSalle

            Now Rich, people in glass house shouldn’t throw boulders! Your ability to see arrogance and judgment in others is probably a good indication of these traits in yourself?

      • Joe M

        Of course they gave him “high marks.” Their credibility can’t afford positions that are any more anti-Catholic than they already are.

        The Pope is not subject to approval by Catholics United. It’s wrong for Catholics United to suggest otherwise.

        • Rich Ketter

          And did he need your approval?
          You are pretty silly when you find yourself in the same church with people you would rather hate.
          Welcome Pope Francisco I, he will love the lambs and the wolves, so put your fangs away.

          • Joe M

            Do you have any arguments to make that do not involve straw man characterizations?

            I would never suggest that my preferences should factor into who becomes Pope. Again, as a Catholic, it is my place to humbly seek instruction from the Church and Pope. Not to attempt to instruct the Church and Pope as Catholics United tries.

            I think it’s great that the Church welcomes all, including people that I disagree with. I don’t hate. I hope that the Church can influence people away from misguided ideas. Is that not a central mission of the Church?



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