Dear Catholics United and Nuns on teh Bus: Your Move.

Catholics United featured these two items on their website over the last few weeks:

and Sister Simone for Pope? Sister Simone is teh awesome social justice person.



The cardinals just elected:

Servus Pauperum Dei


Your move.

52 thoughts on “Dear Catholics United and Nuns on teh Bus: Your Move.

  1. GREG SMITH says:

    Hi Tom ~The business about these longshots, or more than longshots was just smoke and fluff. As the kids would say “That’s so February!”

    We have a new Pope. He will do and say things that will upset the extreme left and extreme right. On balance, he’ll get it right. For now, it’s time to move on.



  2. Chris Pumpelly says:

    And, by all means, keep “moderating” my last comment. Maybe only you and I will know you saw it. Try a little charity, my friend.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Try a little patience. I was at a “Isn’t this awesome, we have a pope” dinner party and didn’t see this comment or your immediately previous one until now. For the record, I do not delete comments unless they are profane.

  3. Santiago says:

    Why would you use this day to stir up the old divisions?

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      I took those divisive screen captures from their site today. If I’m being divisive it’s by pointing out their divisiveness. Shall I apologize for them?

      1. Santiago says:

        Tu quoque

  4. Chris Pumpelly says:

    PS–Protip: Use spell check before trying to (pointlessly) taunt.

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Thanks for noticing and caring! (And the “teh” was intentional, plus it wasn’t pointless. Your comment shows that.)

      1. Chris Pumpelly says:

        No, Tom, you wanted to be hostile and rude for exactly no reason except to be hostile and rude. Why not celebrate a great day in Catholic history instead of trying to be a jerk? This is petty.

        1. Tom Crowe says:

          See, this is the problem: you tell people what they are thinking and intending rather than asking them what they are thinking and intending. This is what you do with the Church, it’s what you just did with me. You might note, my post was in response to the rude nature of your organization’s graphics that suggested it was impossible for the Church to choose someone who cared about social justice as much as Sister Simone. So, will you give someone (me) the benefit of the doubt or continue to lecture? Will you accept that the Church is more than Sister Simone or keep your head in the sand?

        2. Joe M says:

          Mr. Pumpelly. Considering the way that the Catholic Church works, a lot of people find it rude and hostile that an organization would make an ad titled “Message to Rome” with a screaming person on it.

          The messages are supposed to come FROM the Church.

      2. I’m probably just missing something very obvious here, but can you please explain the meaning behind using “teh”?

        Thanks in advance!
        – Greg

        1. Tom Crowe says:

          It’s a silly Twitter usage of “the” for emphasis and flippant nuance. I honestly have no idea of the origin, but it’s been used on Twitter with varying levels of frequency here and there over the past year or three just as a way of saying, in this case, “Nuns on THEEEEEEEE Bus” in a flippant and playful manner. Clearly I did not consider my audience in my euphoria.

          1. ron morrison says:

            The “teh” was used to get a reaction. Anyone who follows Tom knows that. Please everybody, the only way to react to Tom is to ignore him. Otherwise he’ll just amp it up and become even more “flippant,” at the expense of logic and compassion. Don’t let him draw you in. He’ll waste your time.

          2. Tom Crowe says:

            Thanks for clearing that up, Ron, but I write everything—even completely reverent copy—to get a reaction. You know, the same can be said for the Sister Simone graphics I posted from their page: calculated to get a reaction rather than to be accurate or to act with compassion.

          3. Tom Crowe says:

            For instance, Ron, this piece was intended to elicit the reaction that people would support AIM Women’s Center, one of the most extraordinary social justice, pro-life activities I’ve ever met, and they manage to do it without becoming celebrities or dissenting from Church teaching or touting themselves for pope… Hopefully you wouldn’t ignore so noble a thing as that.

          4. Joe M says:

            It’s interesting that Ron Morrison both “follows Tom” and declares that he should be ignored.

          5. Tom Crowe says:

            Indeed. I thought that ironic myself.

          6. Thanks for the clarification! I’m not on Twitter, so I appreciate it.

  5. Chris Pumpelly says:

    We just got our social justice hero pope, Tom. We’re pretty happy about it over here. That picture is beautiful. Thanks for the shout out. Chris Pumpelly, Catholics United

    1. Joe M says:

      Chris. Do you think that he is going to call for women to be priests?

      1. ron morrison says:

        For the sake of the future of the Catholic Church, let’s hope so.

        1. JB says:

          Did Jesus ask for women to be priests? Did Jesus appoint a woman as an Apostle? There’s your answer.

          1. ron morrison says:

            In the time of Jesus, women were considered little more than slaves and incubators for male sperm. If Jesus had chosen women as Apostles, no one would have listened to Him. He knew that. He kept Mary Magdalene very close because He knew that she understood Him better than any of the Apostles did but He didn’t announce this because He knew His followers would leave Him if He did.

          2. Tom Crowe says:

            Wow, Ron, had you simply kept silent you would merely have been thought a fool. But this ahistorical screed has removed all doubt. And you say *I’m* just looking for reactions and am not worth listening to!

        2. Joe M says:

          Are you saying that if he doesn’t, he will not be a social justice hero?

          1. ron morrison says:


        3. Joe M says:

          Ron Morrison.

          What is your specific basis for claiming that Jesus didn’t choose women as apostles as part of a PR strategy?

          Can you point to where this is explained in the bible? By Jesus himself? By anyone that was close to Jesus?

        4. Joe M says:

          But, you are saying that the Catholic Church does not have a bright future unless it calls for women to be priests.

          Doesn’t that mean that you think this issue is even more important that any other kind of social justice? You’re saying that the future of the Church depends on it.

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